Futsal World Cup 2024. The national team of Ukraine started in the main round of selection with a victory over Kosovo

Oleksandr Kosenko's wards started in the main round of selection for the 2024 Futsal World Cup with a match against the Kosovo team. Due to the Russian military invasion, the Ukrainian national team hosted its opponent in the Latvian city of Salaspils.

The Kosovars took the lead already in the 2nd minute — Kastrati blocked Rukovtsi's pass in front of the goal. In the future, the Ukrainians dominated the court, but Ramadani stubbornly parried the blows of our boys. Only in the 15th minute, the blue-yellow team managed to win back - Shoturma intercepted the ball and gave it to Chernyavskyi, who fired a shot into the opponent's goal. Shortly before the break, Salihu went through the center and shot near the post.

At the beginning of the second half, the game advantage of Oleksandr Kosenko's wards gradually turned into goals. First, Shoturma hit the post with a free kick, later Abakshin was not accurate enough during two consecutive attacks. But in the 24th minute, Fareniuk, after the interception, passed to Korsun, who rolled the goalkeeper and sent the ball into the net.

Subsequently, Shoturma pressed the opponent near the Ramadani goal, but again hit the post. In the 27th minute, the Ukrainians earned a free kick, which Melnyk converted into a goal after playing with Mykytyuk. Later, the Balkans responded by hitting Kastrati in the post.

The Kosovars quickly picked up five fouls, which affected their game. In such conditions, the Ukrainians continued to create moments and competently maintained their advantage. In the 39th minute, the blue-yellow team earned a double penalty, but Melnyk did not beat Ramadani. So we have the victory of the national team of Ukraine - 3:1.

Our team will play the next match of the main round against the Netherlands on October 11 in the Latvian city of Jelgava. The game starts at 19.00:XNUMX Kyiv time.

WC-2024. European qualification. Main round. Group 11


Netherlands — Kosovo — 2:1


Ukraine — Kosovo — 3:1 (1:1)

Goals: Chernyavskyi (15), Korsun (24), Melnyk (27) — Kastrati (2).

In the 39th minute, Melnyk (U) missed a double penalty (goalkeeper).

Ukraine: Tsypun — Chernyavskyi, Korsun, Shoturma, Zvarych; Sukhov, Radevich, Malyshko, Melnyk, Lebyd, Mykytyuk, Syriy, Abakshin, Fareniuk.

Kosovo: Ramadani — Kastrati, Kelmendi, Madjarrai, Rukovtsi; Bechiri, Dakai, Hadjijai, Murtezi, Dervishai, Salihu, Nishori, Qorri.

Booked: Quarry (4), Madjarrai (21).

October 7. Salaspils. Sports complex.









1. Ukraine







2. Netherlands







3. Kosovo








Ukraine — Netherlands (19.00)


Kosovo - Ukraine (18.00)


Kosovo — Netherlands


Netherlands - Ukraine

In the main round, 36 national teams are divided into 12 groups of three teams each, in which matches will be played at home and away. The 12 group winners and the four best runners-up will advance to the elite round. The other eight runners-up will compete in the main round playoffs.

WC-2024. European qualification. Main round

Group 1: Spain, Moldova, Cyprus.

Group 2: Georgia, Belgium, Austria.

Group 3: Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia.

Group 4: Portugal, Belarus, Lithuania.

Group 5: Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Montenegro.

Group 6: Azerbaijan, Poland, Greece.

Group 7: Croatia, Hungary, Israel.

Group 8: Finland, Romania, Denmark.

Group 9: Serbia, France, Norway.

Group 10: Italy, North Macedonia, Sweden.

Group 11: Ukraine, Netherlands, Kosovo.

Group 12: Slovakia, Latvia, Germany.


Qualification takes place in five stages: the preliminary round (mini-tournaments), the main round (groups with home and away matches), the playoffs of the main round (home and away matches), the elite round (groups with home and away matches) and elite round playoffs (home and away matches).

Main round playoffs

Draw: March 10, 2023.

Matches: April 10-19, 2023.

Eight teams will be divided into four pairs, the matches will be held at home and away. The winners will advance to the elite round.

Elite round

Draw: July 5, 2023

Matches: will be completed by December 20, 2023.

The 20 national teams will be divided into five groups of four teams each, matches will be held at home and away. Five group winners will go to the 2024 WC. The four best runners-up will advance to the elite round playoffs. If a European association is selected to host the final tournament, only the two best runners-up will advance to the elite round playoffs.

Elite round playoffs

Draw: January 25, 2024

Matches: April 8-17, 2024.

Four teams will be divided into two pairs (if only two teams will take part in the playoffs, a draw will be held to determine the order of matches), matches will be held at home and away. The winners will go to the 2024 World Cup.

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