Futsal Champions League. Uragan reached the elite round of the tournament

In the third match of the main round of the Futsal Champions League of the 2022/2023 season, Ivano-Frankivsk "Hurricane" played a draw.

Before today's match with the outsider of Group 4, the Hungarian "Khaladash", Maksym Pavlenko's wards were in second place in the tournament table. In the first match, they defeated the Romanian "United Galats" (5:0), and in the second they lost to the Portuguese "Benfica" (1:4).

In order to guarantee a guaranteed entry into the elite round of the Champions League, the Ukrainians had to not lose today, and they coped with this task, despite the bad start of the game: the Hungarians opened the scoring in the 2nd minute — Zoltan Drot scored. 

However, in four minutes, Stanislav Mospan restored the balance, and in the 15th minute, Oleksandr Dychuk put the Ivano-Frankivsk team ahead. At the beginning of the second half, Danylo Abakshin brought the advantage of the Ukrainians to two goals, but Balazh Rutai did not allow our team to break away. At the 30th minute, Abakshin scored a double, but in just 30 seconds, Mykola Mykytyuk cut the ball into his own goal, and then Casemiro evened the score at 4:4. 

It remained equal until the final whistle - a draw that allowed "Hurricane" to score four points in Group 4 and ensure access to the elite round of the Champions League. 

Futsal Champions League-2022/2023. Main round. Group 4


Haladash (Hungary) — Uragan (Ukraine) — 4:4 (1:2)

Goals: Drot (2), Rutai (28), Mykytyuk (30, own goal), Casemiro (36) — Mospan (6), Dychuk (15), Abakshin (23, 30).

"Khaladash": Oloshtix — Haimashi, Drot, Souza, Casemiro; Khomlok, Kovacs, Solmash, Baptista, Nagy, Shiposh, Vatamaniuk-Barta, Feher, Rutai.

Urahan: Savenko — Fareniuk, Korsun, Shved, Shoturma; Hamyak, Mykytyuk, Myk. Hrytsyna, Mykh. Hrytsyna, Terentiev, Dychuk, Masevich, Abakshin, Mospan.

Booked: Rutai (22).

"United Galati" (Romania) — "Benfica" (Portugal) — 1:8


   Team І В Н П М О
1  Benfica 3 3 0 0 15-3 9
2  Urahan 3 1 1 1 10-8 4
3  United Galati 3 1 0 2 5-15 3
4  Haladas 3 0 1 2 7-11 1


Elite round draw: November 3.

Elite round: November 22-27.

Draw of the final stage: will be announced later.

Final stage: April-May 2023.


Elite round (November 22-27)

16 clubs will be divided into four groups of four participants each. The draw will take place on November 3. Seeding will be confirmed before the draw. The winners of the four groups will advance to the final stage.

The final tournament 

This is a knockout tournament with four teams. It will take place at one venue in April or May 2023. The venue and exact dates, as well as the date of the draw will be known later.

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