"Open football lessons" continue to walk across Bukovyna

We continue to acquaint you with the events within the framework of the UAF project "Open football lessons" that took place in the regions of Ukraine in November.

Bukovyna continues to provide psychosocial assistance to Ukrainian children during "Open Football Lessons" within the framework of the partnership project of the Ukrainian Football Association, the Association of Cross-Cultural Projects (Denmark) and the UEFA Foundation for Children, which is supported on the territory of the region by the Football Association of the Chernivtsi region.

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This time psychosocial support was provided to IDP children and local children during November 14-15 in the city of Vyzhnytsia, at the local stadium "Cheremosh".

Sincere thanks for the event to the coordinator of "Open Football Lessons" in Chernivtsi Region Oleksandr Plakhov and the head of the Vyzhnytsia District Football Association Stepan Hakman, who contributed to the implementation of the project in Vyzhnytsia for the second time.

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The head of the Vyzhnytsia City Council O. Chepil, the head of the Vyzhnytsia District Council M. Andryuk, the head of the Department of Education, Culture, Medicine and Sports H. Tokar and the head of the Children's and Youth Sports School of Vyzhnytsia P. Sychov also congratulated the children, presenting them with additional gifts. .

Each participating team received a large number of soccer balls and sports equipment, and each child received a t-shirt, baseball cap, bracelet and project diploma.

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We remind you that "Open football lessons" also include components of psychological support and training in safe behavior in the conditions of war and its consequences - minimizing risks from explosive objects, mines, emergency situations, etc.

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140 children from 10 different schools of the Vyzhnytsky district took part in this event. Physical education teachers, a practical psychologist of Vyzhnytskyi support lyceum O. Shveika, senior police lieutenant of Vyzhnytskyi RVP GUNP in Chernivtsi region V. Yuzkov, senior inspector of the juvenile prevention sector of the prevention department of Vyzhnytskyi RVP GUNP in Chernivtsi region Y. Zelska worked with them.

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