Valery Palamarchuk: "In the coming days, the girls will be provided with the necessary information about their opponents at the tournament in Copenhagen"

In the second round of selection for the 2023 European Championship, the women's youth national team of Ukraine WU-19 will play in League A with visas from Denmark, Sweden and Iceland.

— The tournament will be held in the capital of Denmark — Copenhagen — said the head coach of the youth women's national team of Ukraine Valery Palamarchuk in a comment to the official website of the UAF. — On April 5, we will find out relations with Swedish women, on the 8th — with housewives, and on the 11th — with Icelandic women. By the way, I started my career in the national team of Ukraine in 2018 with the qualifying competitions of the European Championship hosted by Denmark. Then the national team of Ukraine among 17-year-old female soccer players took third place, not making it to the next round. If we are third in April, that will suit us perfectly, because it will allow us to keep our registration in the elite division.

— Who do the experts consider to be the favorite of the tournament in Denmark?

— First of all, the Swedes, who will try to prevent the Danes from making it to the final part of the competition. The national team of Ukraine, most likely, will determine who will be the third in the rivalry with the Icelanders, although, of course, we will seriously prepare for the first two matches in Copenhagen.

My assistants and I are currently studying our opponents and will provide our girls with the necessary information in the near future. They will have plenty of time to properly prepare for the April tests.

By the way, the competition in Copenhagen will take place on artificial lawns. That is why we are planning to hold a three-day training camp in Lviv before leaving for Denmark, where we will train on just such a surface. The fact that the two spring rounds of the Ukrainian elite championship, on March 18 and 25, will also be held on synthetics should come in handy.

— You often contact the wards?

- Of course. I have information that Ruslana Levchenko from "Kryvbas" was recently operated on, but I hope that she will have time to regain combat form. It is also known that Sofia Lutsan, who previously defended the colors of the Polish "Medic", is looking for a new team.

How many soccer players of the Ukrainian national team should go to Denmark in April?

— 20. Currently, there are 25 surnames in the extended list of candidates for the youth women's national team of Ukraine. We want to believe that we will not make a mistake in our choice, the girls will be lucky to avoid injuries, and all the strongest will go to Copenhagen.

Euro-2023 (WU-19). Second round

In League A, 28 teams will play in seven groups, including seven national teams that were promoted from League B following the results of the first round. The seven group winners from the second round of the A-League (and the best runner-up if Belgium finishes first in the group) will qualify for the final stage, which will be played from 18 to 30 July 2023. The fourth-placed teams in the groups will start the first round of the 2023/2024 season in League B.

Teams in League B, including those relegated from League A after the autumn stage, in seven groups (three with four participants, four with three) will fight for tickets to the first round of League A in the next draw.

We will remind, the youth women's national team of Ukraine took it third place in its group of the first round and kept registration in League A. According to the results of the draw, Valery Palamarchuk's wards got into group A5, where they will play with Denmark, Sweden and Iceland.

League A

Group A1: Norway, Germany, Ireland, Croatia.

Group A2: Serbia, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic.

Group A3: France, Portugal, Hungary, Romania.

Group A4: Spain, England, Slovenia, Belarus.

Group A5: Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine, Iceland.

Group A6: Austria, Italy, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Group A7: The Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Bulgaria.

League B.

Group B1: Israel, North Macedonia, Georgia, Gibraltar.

Group B2: Turkey, Moldova, Lithuania, Andorra.

Group B3: Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Cyprus, Latvia.

Group B4: Malta, Faroe Islands, Armenia.

Group B5: Slovakia, Montenegro, Azerbaijan.

Group B6: Wales, Kazakhstan, Estonia.

Group B7: Scotland, Albania, Liechtenstein.

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