Volodymyr Yezerskyi: "We have opponents in the qualification of the same level as happens in the elite selection round"

The head coach of the youth national team of Ukraine U-16 Volodymyr Yezerskyi commented on the results of the draw of the qualifying round of Euro-2024 (U-17).

From October 15 to October 21, 2023, the youth national team of Ukraine (football players not older than 2007) will play in the qualifying round of Euro-2024 (U-17). According to the results of the draw, which took place on December 8, it turned out that the blue-yellow team will meet with the teams of Germany, Finland and Liechtenstein (the host of the competition).

Its head coach Volodymyr Yezerskyi told the official UAF website about the prospects of our national team next year.

— As a rule, such opponents as, for example, fell to us during the qualifying round draw, occur in the elite round of selection, which is crucial before entering the final part of the Euro, — said the coach. — Needless to say, Germany is the top European team in any age category. There is a football boom in Finland now, there is a well-developed vertical for national team training. Liechtenstein is the host of the upcoming tournament. And even if this team is inferior to its level, the home walls will force it to play with super motivation.

As far as we are concerned, the selection and holding of meetings with the mandatory presence of sparring sessions is relevant, because this national team of Ukraine has not met together at all, while the opponents have already played about 10 friendly matches.

However, I understand today's reality. The DUFLU Championship is not held in full. Many promising football players of the age we need have moved to all corners of Europe. Therefore, only the selection meeting will provide an opportunity to prepare for the qualification round as best as possible. If this can be done, then the national team of Ukraine can and should achieve its goal.

Composition of qualifying groups for Euro-2024 (U-17)

Group 1: Denmark, Austria, Georgia, Lithuania.

Group 2: Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Moldova.

Group 3: Germany, Ukraine, Finland, Liechtenstein.

Group 4: Serbia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan.

Group 5: Portugal, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Albania.

Group 6: France, Norway, Romania, Estonia.

Group 7: Turkey, Scotland, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

Group 8: Spain, Slovakia, North Macedonia, Malta.

Group 9: England, Croatia, Kosovo, Faroe Islands.

Group 10: Ireland, Switzerland, Iceland, Armenia.

Group 11: Italy, Greece, Northern Ireland, San Marino.

Group 12: Belgium, Israel, Wales, Gibraltar.

Group 13: Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Andorra.

Mini-tournaments at this stage will take place between July 1 and November 21, 2023. The winners of the first two places in the selection groups and the five best third place winners based on the results of the matches with the first and second teams will advance to the elite qualification round.

We will remind that Cyprus, as the host, received a direct pass to the final stage, and the Netherlands national team will start the fight from the elite round of selection.

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