U-21: Ukraine will hold a friendly against Denmark in Turkey

The youth national team of Ukraine, which will take part in the final tournament of Euro-2023 (U-21) in the summer, preparing for the prestigious forum, will hold a training camp in March, during which it will play two control matches.

The Executive Committee of the Ukrainian Association of Football approved at its meeting according to the FIFA windows for holding international matches, the preliminary calendar for the national teams of Ukraine for 2023. Thus, the youth national team of Ukraine will hold two sparring matches during the NTZ, which will take place from March 20 to 27. About the match with the Italian youth team, which will take place on March 27 in the Apennines, already reported. Now it became known that on March 24 in Turkey, Ruslan Rotan's wards will meet the youth team of Denmark. The time and place of both matches will be announced later. 

We will remind that this year the youth national team of Ukraine will take part in the final tournament of Euro-2023 (U-21). In total, 21 teams will participate in the forum, which will take place from June 8 to July 16 in Georgia and Romania. According to the results of the draw, which had happened On October 18 of last year in Bucharest, the blue and yellow got into group B, where will meet with Romania, Spain and Croatia. The three best teams of Euro 2023 (except France and England) will book their places at the 2024 Olympic Games.

Euro-2023 (U-21). Calendar

Group Round

Group A: Georgia, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands.


Georgia — Portugal 19.00 (Tbilisi)

Belgium — Netherlands 19.00 (Tbilisi)


Georgia — Belgium 19.00 (Tbilisi)

Portugal — Netherlands 19.00 (Tbilisi)


Netherlands — Georgia 19.00 (Tbilisi)

Portugal — Belgium 19.00 (Tbilisi)

Group B: Romania, Spain, Ukraine, Croatia.


Ukraine — Croatia 19.00 (Bucharest)

Romania — Spain 21.45 (Bucharest)


Romania - Ukraine 19.00 (Bucharest)

Spain — Croatia 21.45 (Bucharest)


Croatia — Romania 21.45 (Bucharest)

Spain - Ukraine 21.45 (Bucharest)

Group C: Czech Republic, England, Germany, Israel.


Czech Republic — England 19.00 (Batumi)

Germany - Israel 19.00 (Kutaisi)


Czech Republic — Germany 19.00 (Batumi)

England — Israel 19.00 (Kutaisi)


England — Germany 19.00 (Batumi)

Israel — Czech Republic 19.00 (Kutaisi)

Group D: Norway, Switzerland, France, Italy.


Norway — Switzerland 19.00 (Cluj-Napoca)

France — Italy 21.45 (Cluj-Napoca)


Switzerland — Italy 19.00 (Cluj-Napoca)

Norway — France 21.45 (Cluj-Napoca)


Switzerland — France 21.45 (Cluj-Napoca)

Italy — Norway 21.45 (Cluj-Napoca)



A1 — C2 19.00

B1 — D2 22.00


C1 — A2 19.00

D1 — B2 22.00



Winner of quarter-final 1 - winner of quarter-final 3 19.00

Winner of quarter-final 2 - winner of quarter-final 4 22.00



Winner of semi-final 1 - winner of semi-final 2 19.00

The match start time for Kiev is specified.

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