"We need a strong state, and Ukraine will be exactly that." Address of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, addressed the nation, talking about the significant strengthening of our defense thanks to the French and Finnish stages of the diplomatic marathon.

"I wish you health, dear Ukrainians!

Today we continued our diplomatic marathon and have new concrete results for our defense - very important.

Held long talks with French President Macron today. Many topics.

I thank Mr. President for his willingness to strengthen Ukrainian air defense and expand our armored cooperation. It is this armored element that is becoming more and more important for the situation at the front. Just like artillery.

I thank France and personally Emmanuel for the much-needed solutions to strengthen the Ukrainian artillery. Thank you also for the appropriate leadership within our anti-war coalition.

Russia is preparing for a new wave of aggression — with the forces it can mobilize. Now the occupiers are already increasing the pressure on Bakhmutsky, Ugledarsky and other directions. And they want to increase the pressure on a larger scale. In order not to recognize the fallacy of aggression, the Russian masters want to throw more of their people and equipment into combat operations.

Therefore, all of us in the free world should strengthen our cooperation, not only to respond to the next Russian criminal actions. Although it will be, of course. There will be an answer. And to prevent new Russian criminal acts as much as possible.

The initiative in war must remain with our forces.

And I heard today a complete understanding of the situation both in a conversation with Mr. President Macron and in a conversation with Mr. President of Finland, who was visiting Kyiv today.

There is a new package of support from Finland, in particular defense. There is a readiness to strengthen sanctions against Russia and join our diplomatic initiatives. There is a vision of how we can use this year to benefit our countries for cooperation within European and Euro-Atlantic institutions.

That is, thanks to the French and Finnish stages of our diplomatic marathon, today made it possible to significantly strengthen Ukrainian defense.

The main thing now is the speed of implementation of everything we agreed on.

Discussed in great detail today the points of our peace formula — what can be done together with France, what can be done together with Finland.

It is very important that European leadership in these diplomatic efforts is felt. And today, in particular in the conversation with Emmanuel, I was glad to hear his leadership initiatives.

I am also grateful to Finland for seeing the role of this state in guaranteeing our common security according to the peace formula.

Signed several decrees on awarding defenders of our state with awards.

Today is the Day of Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine. So today I specially honored intelligence workers with awards. Of course, I cannot name the names and specific reasons for this award publicly, but it is for something that allows our state to see and understand more.

And I want to congratulate all our scouts - those who expand the capabilities of Ukraine and significantly reduce the capabilities of the enemy. Thank you for your service!

He also signed decrees awarding state awards to the soldiers of our army, in particular the 93rd separate mechanized brigade, for personal special bravery and heroism. As well as soldiers of the National Guard, in particular, the 3rd and 4th brigades of the operational assignment of the National Guard.

Thank you for the strength and resilience of each of our soldiers and each family of such soldiers!

Today, he awarded the air force fighters for much-needed performance. Territorial defense fighters - for heroism and exemplary effective performance of combat missions.

Such decrees are always a special honor for me.

As well as another decree signed today. The capital of Lithuania, the city of Vilnius, is starting to celebrate its 700th anniversary. All this time, the histories of our peoples are closely intertwined. And we actually share the common destiny of our freedom: the more one nation is protected, the more protected another is. Perhaps this is more clearly understood now than at any time in our history.

Ukraine will always be grateful to Lithuania, to Mr. Nausieda, to all Lithuanian leaders, to all Lithuanian families who perceived Russian aggression against Ukraine as an attack on their freedom as well. Which help us protect our common future in a free and peaceful Europe.

Today, I signed a decree awarding Vilnius with the honorary title of "Rescuer City" for everything that the city and Lithuania in general have done to help us in the fight against Russian terror.

I thank each and every one who fights and works to protect freedom!

I thank everyone who helps!

Now, by the way, there is a lot of talk about tanks. About the modern tanks that we need. And about how this deficit can be filled. A lot of efforts, words, promises.

But it is important to see the reality: it is not about five, or ten, or fifteen tanks. The need is greater. We are doing what is necessary every day to fill the deficit. And I thank everyone who supports us in this.

However, discussions must be concluded with decisions. Decisions on real strengthening of our defense against terrorists. Allies have the required number of tanks. When the weight of decisions is necessary, we will be happy to thank you for each weighty decision.

We are still working for this.

And one more.

Today, the society saw the next personnel decisions that were adopted. I will emphasize this word - "shifts". Appropriate steps will be taken in the future - each of them will be seen by the society and, I am sure, will be supported.

Any internal problems that hinder the state are being cleaned up and will be cleaned up. It is fair, it is necessary for our defense and it helps our rapprochement with European institutions.

We need a strong state, and Ukraine will be just that.

And today, by my decree, I put into effect another decision of the National Security Council. Details later.

Glory to Ukraine!"

The Ukrainian Football Association congratulates the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on his birthday! We wish health, patience and victory!

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