U-18: the youth national team of Ukraine in 2023 will prepare for the start in the selection of Euro-2024 (U-19)

At the end of the current year, wards Oleg Kuznetsov will take part in the qualifying round round UEFA EURO 2024 (U-19).

From November 15 to November 21, 2023, the youth national team of Ukraine (football players not older than 2005) will play in the qualifying round of Euro-2024 (U-19). According to the results of the draw blue-yellow will meet the teams of Slovakia, Kosovo and Malta (host of the competition).

As part of the preparation for the official exams, Oleg Kuznetsov's wards, if the situation allows, plan to hold a training camp with two sparring sessions on September 4-12 or October 9-17.

Composition of qualifying groups for Euro-2024 (U-19)

Group 1: France, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia.

Group 2: Norway, Hungary, Latvia, Gibraltar.

Group 3: Serbia, Scotland, Bulgaria, Andorra.

Group 4: Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Liechtenstein.

Group 5: Germany, Poland, North Macedonia, Kazakhstan.

Group 6: Spain, Georgia, Cyprus, Moldova.

Group 7: Ukraine, Slovakia, Kosovo, Malta.

Group 8: Turkey, Greece, Belarus, Lithuania.

Group 9: Israel, Croatia, Armenia, Faroe Islands.

Group 10: Czech Republic, Romania, Finland, San Marino.

Group 11: The Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Luxembourg.

Group 12: England, Austria, Wales, Montenegro.

Group 13: Ireland, Belgium, Slovenia, Albania.

Mini-tournaments in 13 groups will be held between September 4-12, October 9-17, or November 13-21, 2023. The first two qualifying group winners and the best third-place finishers from the matches against the first and second teams will join Portugal in the elite qualifying round.

The national team of Northern Ireland, as the host, won a direct pass to the final stage, which will be held in the summer of 2024.

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