2023: the men's beach soccer team of Ukraine has a very busy calendar in the new year

Mykola Kostenko, head coach of the men's beach soccer team of Ukraine, spoke about our team's plans for the current season.

In 2023, six major tournaments await the Ukrainian beach soccer team. The contours of the season for the official website of the UAF were outlined by the coach of the blue and yellow Mykola Kostenko.

Currently, the team has already started training, training twice a week in the capital's Hydropark. However, from the middle of February, the coaching staff consisting of Mykola Kostenko and Oleksandr Korniychuk plans to switch to a three-day cycle. In this way, the national team of Ukraine will prepare almost until the end of March. 

"By and large, the backbone of our team remains the same as last year. However, four performers returned to her at once. Oleg Budzko, Viktor Panteleychuk, Oleksandr Poslavskyi and Denys Sobotyuk joined us again. So, four goalkeepers and 16 outfield players are currently training. Plus on the show are three young performers from "VIT". So far, the classes are aimed at general physical training, without special loads - a classic stretching regime," said Mykola Kostenko.

And from March 29 to April 9, the blue-yellows have a training camp in Turkey, where they can hold several control matches. 

"This is an ideal option for us before the start of the season. The coaching staff has planned a series of training sessions, and negotiations are underway about sparring with the teams that will also hold their meetings there. First of all, we are talking about the Spanish national team, the match with which is our priority. We are also considering options with teams from Turkey, Poland and Moldova. It would be good to hold a small tournament in general," the head coach of the Ukrainian national team emphasized.

The season itself of the national team of Ukraine will start in the middle of spring. From April 24 to 30, Spain will host the European qualifiers for the 2023 World Cup, which will take place in the United Arab Emirates. After that, the players of our team will prepare for the continuation of the season in their clubs.

Then the wards of Mykola Kostenko and Oleksandr Korniychuk will take part in the 2023 European Games in Krakow, which will last from June 26 to 30. Next, from July 5 to 9, the Ukrainians will play in the selection for the Euroleague 2023 Super Final. After that, the blue-yellow team should take part in the championship of Ukraine, which will be held on July 19-23 in Kyiv. 

In the future, our team will play at the II World Beach Games, which will take place from August 6 to 12 on the Indonesian island of Bali, and in case of successful qualification for the Euroleague 2023, our boys will be waiting for its Super Final, scheduled for August 23-27.

And, in the end, the positive result of the selection for the 2023 World Cup will enable the wards of Kostenko and Korniychuk to compete for medals of the world championship in the UAE. The World Cup will be held from September 11 to 17.

"We will have six big tournaments this season. All of them are very important, but the priority is reaching the final part of the World Championship and a successful performance in it, as well as positive results at the European Games under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee and at the World Beach Games, which are a kind of unofficial championship of the planet. The top teams of the world gather there, setting themselves the highest goals. Of course, this causes a lot of excitement among fans.

As for this year's Euroleague, where we also have maximum tasks, some of the young players may be involved, because it will be quite difficult for the main performers in such a busy season. Despite this, we will try to get to the Superfinal," said the coach of our team.

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