Ruslan Rotan: My task is to help the national team, and I am ready to make every effort for this

After the Executive Committee of the Ukrainian Association of Football approved Ruslan Rotan as the caretaker head coach of the national team of Ukraine, the coach answered several questions of the UAF press service.

— The national team of Ukraine is definitely a part of you, because you were its captain and are one of the veterans of the national team in its history. What does this symbolic moment of transition from the status of the captain to the position of its helmsman mean to you?

- In fact, it is a great honor and pride for me - the fact that I was entrusted with the national team of the country. First of all, I want to say: the fact that I am currently being a caretaker for the game with England, I must, first of all, thank our soldiers. For whom it is difficult, it is for them. We should not be afraid of responsibility for this match, because it is much more difficult for our warriors on the front line than for us to prepare for the game and conduct it. However, we understand that we will also protect the honor of the country, so we must approach it very responsibly.

— Do you have the feeling that you are returning to your family, which the national team of Ukraine has always been and is?

- Yes really. I have always said, and many will confirm these words, that from the very beginning of my career as a player in the national team, I have always been very happy to join its ranks. Therefore, it is an honor for me now. I understand that in the future match it is necessary to protect the honor of all Ukraine.

— How do you perceive the new challenge in the coach's career? After all, among other things, the first official game will take place immediately at the historic stadium and against the progenitors of football...

— I believe that it should be perceived simply as a challenge. England is the same team against which three points are awarded. There are no invincible teams in the world, we all, together with players and coaches, must understand that it is also possible to play against this opponent and achieve a result. We will count on quality football. The game will show everything.

— What is your opinion about the current state of the England national team?

— As of now, this is one of the best national teams on the planet, and the World Cup showed that it is developing correctly. This is a fairly strong team that is progressing, and in terms of quality of play, it is probably in the top 5.

— When do you plan to decide on the players for the match with England?

— I think that by March 5-6, we will already know all the football players to call up for training camp and include in the reserve list. We will talk with the future head coach and, I think, we will come to a conclusion about these numbers.

— How will your contact with Serhiy Rebrov take place?

— Actually, it all started with our conversation with UAF president Andrii Pavelko, and later with Serhiy Rebrov and team captain Andriy Yarmolenko (smiles). That's how we agreed on my participation. So I will be in touch with Serhiy Rebrov before the announcement of the list of players called up - we will definitely go through the names - during the training camp and before the match with England. My task is to help the national team, and I am ready to make every effort for this. That is why I accepted the offer to become caretaker head coach.

— Who will join your coaching staff?

— Assistant Serhiy Kravchenko, physical training coaches Yevhen Baryshnikov and Ivan Bashtovyi, goalkeeper coach Vitaliy Reva, analytical coaches Yevhen Hres and Volodymyr Lazarenko.

— At the same time, you remain the Ukraine U-XNUMX head coach. Who will manage its activities in your absence, and will you supervise the team in March remotely?

— Yes, our youth team is also currently under control. We worked and prepared for the gathering together with Oleksandr Melashchenko, Vasyl Kardash, Oleksiy Chystyakov. They will now lead this team. Goalkeeper coach Taras Lutsenko will join them. The other day we will hold a Zoom conference together with everyone, we will once again go through the players to call up. We are making adjustments, we already have an idea of ​​who will be called up for the upcoming matches of this national team. But I still want to wait, because there is time, there may be injuries. I think that at the beginning of March we will be ready to answer this question with an application.

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