Euro-2023 in women's futsal. The national team of Ukraine defeated Hungary and made it to the finals of the tournament for the first time in history!

In the semifinals of Euro-2023 in women's futsal, Oleg Shaitanov's wards beat the host of the tournament, the team of Hungary.

The Ukrainian women started preparing for the final tournament on March 8 in Portugal. On the eve of Euro-2023, the blue and yellow team held two sparring matches with the Portuguese in the city of Rio Mayor. In the first match, our team conceded — 0:7, in the second - 1:6.

Until March 15, the blue-and-yellow team continued their preparations for the final part of Euro-2023 in Portugal, after which they went to Debrecen, Hungary. The final four matches are held at the local "Phoenix Arena". It happened on January 24 of the draw, as a result of which the opponents of the Ukrainian women in the semifinals became the Hungarians.

Oleg Shaitanov's wards made it to the third out of three European championships. At the same time, the women's futsal team of Ukraine became a bronze medalist of the Euro-2022 final tournament, which was held in Portugal on July 1-3 last year. Then, in the match for the third place, the blue-yellow team defeated (2:1) Hungary, with whom they met this time in the semifinals.

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From the first minutes of the match, the Ukrainian women took the initiative and began to trouble Torma. Yes, Dubytska led Forsyuk alone with the goalkeeper, but the captain of our team failed to score. Later, Titova and Hrytsenko distinguished themselves with imprecise shots, and Forsyuk hit the plane again. In the 7th minute, Shulga did not hit the "nine" after a corner, but in general our girls continued to create moments.

Despite this, the Hungarians realized their first chance. In the 12th minute, Horvat intercepted the ball in her own half, broke through the entire court and beat Kyslova. The Ukrainians recovered quite quickly - after a corner kick, Shulga completed the combination. Before the break, the blue-yellow team were closest to the second goal, in particular, Shulga's powerful shot was absorbed by the post.

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In the second half, the Ukrainian women also had a significant advantage. In the 22nd minute, Shulga hit the post for the second time in the match, and in general, Torma had enough work to do. In the 29th minute, Shulga from a lethal position failed to direct the ball into an almost empty goal. However, Anna soon rehabilitated herself, scoring a double from the finish after taking a corner.

A few seconds after the goal, Shulga hit the post for the third time in the match. The blue-yellow team continued to control the course of the game, practically not allowing the opponents to threaten Kislova's goal. At the end of the match, the hosts used the fifth field player, but, apart from Horvat's inaccurate shot, nothing was memorable.

As a result, Oleg Shaitanov's wards won with a score of 2:1 and made it to the Euro final for the first time in history. The champion of both previous tournaments - the Spanish team - will be waiting for them there. The match will be held on Sunday, March 19 (start at 21.00:XNUMX p.m. Kyiv time).

Women's Futsal Euro-2023



Ukraine - Hungary - 2:1 (1:1)

Goals: Shulga (15, 32) — Horvat (12).

Ukraine: Kislova — Shulga, Hrytsenko, Dubytska, Forsyuk (k); Mitrofanska, Terek, Drozd, Tytova, Kyrylchuk, Volovenko, Skibina, Babenko, Dyatel.

Hungary: Torma — Fyulep, Tot, Kraschenych, Horvat; Hargash, Salkai, Fabian, Volk, Gruber, Ivegesh, Kota, Varga (k), Koch.

Booked: Dubytska (29) — Kota (37).

Spain — Portugal — 3:2 (2:1)


Match for 3rd place

Hungary — Portugal (18.00)


Ukraine - Spain (21.00)

The kick-off is Kyiv time.

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