"You can't be mentally far from the war, support our fighters whenever possible." Address of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, addressed the nation, talking about a special military meeting in a special circle of participants and the importance of having as many Ukrainians as possible help protect the state.

"I wish you health, dear Ukrainians!

Today our National Guard celebrates its day, and it will be right if we all thank the National Guardsmen together. For the way the National Guard, together with all our soldiers, is powerfully fighting for Ukraine. Thank you for your strength and courage in the battle for Donbas. For the defense of Bakhmut and Avdiivka. For the heroic defense of Mariupol and Azovstal. For the battles in Luhansk Region. For battles in the Kyiv region, for the battle for Kyiv. Together with all the defense and security forces of Ukraine, the guards chased the occupier from the northern regions of our country, from the Kharkiv region. They maintain defense in the south, in the Zaporozhye direction.

Separately, I want to thank the "Offensive Guard", which has already become an example of the exemplary formation of new brigades for the Ukrainian defense.

During the full-scale war, almost 5 National Guardsmen have already been awarded state awards — precisely for their participation in battles, for bravery, for resilience, and for the military results achieved by the National Guard. 32 soldiers of the National Guard were awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine.

I thank all Guardsmen: soldiers, sergeants, officers, command! Thank you to everyone who helps the units of the National Guard, who trains soldiers, provides them with everything they need, helps with treatment after injuries, with rehabilitation.

The strength of Ukraine is the strength of all those who fight for Ukraine and who help the fighters. And it is simply impossible to imagine our state power without the National Guard.

Today there was a meeting with the military — a special military meeting, a special circle of participants. He also held meetings with the security sector, with intelligence.

Defense, strengthening of our defense — both against external threats and internal threats. Preparing our respective steps.

Constantly, invariably, maximum attention is given to situations on the front line. The brutal battles that take the lives of our people every day and require constant mobilization of our state and society every day.

It is wrong, it is unfair, when our soldiers who come from the front have the feeling that for many in the rear, the war has already ended. For those who are not just far from Donetsk region or Nikopol, from Saltivka, from the border regions of Sumy region, from Zaporozhye... And who are mentally far from the trenches, from the daily pain of Ukrainians.

Now, as well as a year ago, one cannot be mentally far from the war, although thanks to our soldiers, real combat operations are taking place geographically far from many. Now, just as it was a year ago, it is important that as many Ukrainians as possible help the defense of the state, help the accumulation of world support for our victory.

Dear Ukrainians! Support our fighters whenever possible. Don't forget about volunteer meetings and join when you can.

It is very important that everyone who has informational influence participate in informational work. This applies not only to journalists. This applies to everyone who can spread the truth about aggression. Who is capable of reminding the world about Ukrainian men and women who went through the occupation, through losses... About the fact that Ukraine is fighting for freedom and justice for our people and for all nations threatened by Russian tyranny. The world must hear as intensely as last year that the aggression against Ukraine continues. It should be heard that ending the war already this year, liberating Ukraine from Russian evil this year is a joint task of the civilized world. Because civilized means, in particular, determined to defend civilization.

Met with UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom and the UNICEF team — an organization that provides humanitarian support and protection for children. Orlando Bloom has been working meaningfully with this direction for a long time. He was already in Ukraine, in our Donbas, even before the full-scale war. And he knows what this aggression has brought, how full-scale the world's efforts must be to stop it, to restore Ukraine after the war.

We discussed the issue of rebuilding our country, our school infrastructure. I appreciate this help. We agreed that our teams should work on several areas.

In particular, this is the issue of the return of our children who were forcibly taken to Russia, this is the creation of bomb shelters for our children. And the third is the technical support of distance learning in those areas and regions where it is impossible to study offline due to relevant threats.

Today, as always, I will celebrate our soldiers who gave a significant result to Ukraine over the past day, this day, and this week in general.

The 57th separate motorized infantry brigade, the 5th separate assault brigade and the 93rd separate mechanized brigade — well done, guys! Thank you for your strength!

Marines of the 35th and 36th separate brigades, fighters of the 55th artillery brigade "Zaporizka Sich" - all in Donetsk region - thank you for being the best week after week!

I also want to celebrate today our soldiers of the "Pivnich" OSUV, who protect Sumy region and Chernihiv region. This is a defense against attempts to establish a DRG across the border, this is a cover for Ukraine from airstrikes, and this is a defense against the artillery of terrorists.

Thank you to all our Pivnochi anti-aircraft guns, to all those who protect our state border, to all those who, with their courage and accuracy, teach the enemy that the Kremlin will not take Ukraine.

Glory to all our soldiers who are in battle!

Thanks to everyone who helps the defense!

Eternal memory and honor to all our soldiers who gave their lives for Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!"

07.06.2023 11:02

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