Maksym Talovyerov: "Ukrainian national team gained good experience in sparring matches with Denmark and Italy"

The youth national team of Ukraine has finished its training camp, during which the blue-yellow team held two sparring matches - with Denmark - 3:2 and Italy - 1:3. The official UAF website talked about the results of this work with one of the key performers of the Ukrainian "youth", the defender of the Austrian LASK Maksym Taloverov.

— Maksym, after returning from the youth national team, your LASK did not lose to Austria in an away match. ЦIs this a normal result?

— LASK tries to win in any meeting. The match against Austria was no exception. We were better, had more scoring chances during the game, but it turned out that we lost - 0:2. Therefore, it can be said that after winning back, they won the match.

— What is LASKа task for this season?

— The main goal is to win the Austrian Cup. Next Thursday, in the semi-finals of the tournament, we will play against Sturm, which I hope we will be able to beat in the championship to qualify for the Champions League. "Salzburg" will be difficult to catch up, as this team currently looks stronger than its competitors. But in general, it would be nice to win the cup and make it to the top three of the championship.

— What can you say about the gathering of the youth national team of Ukraine?

- It turned out to be interesting and, what is important, useful. We were glad to meet our team mates, since we haven't seen each other for a long time. Ukraine faced serious opponents. We got good experience in these sparring matches. In the match against Italy, I think we looked good, while the game showed that we have room to grow and show even better football. At times we looked no worse than the Italians, therefore, in my opinion, when the Ukrainian national team improves in team and individual play, it will be able to win against such national teams as Italy, which I consider one of the main favorites at the upcoming European Championship.

And in the match with Denmark, our national team showed character, winning in the last seconds of the game, this is also a kind of experience that will definitely be useful to the national team of Ukraine at the Euro.

When you come to the national team, there is not much time to record something new, so we remembered our style, remembered what the coach requires. The team worked with full dedication. The meeting went well.

— Do you think that in June, when the European Championship starts, the players of the Ukrainian national team will be in optimal condition?

— All Euro participants will have a difficult season behind them. Therefore, in this regard, no one will have an advantage. Everything will depend on us. I have no doubt that in every match we will act with maximum efficiency and do everything possible to achieve positive results. We want to please our compatriots in such a difficult time.

We will remind that this year the youth national team of Ukraine will take part in the final tournament of Euro-2023 (U-21). In total, 21 teams will participate in the forum, which will take place from June 8 to July 16 in Georgia and Romania. According to the results of the draw, which had happened On October 18 of last year in Bucharest, the blue and yellow got into group B, where will meet with Romania, Spain and Croatia. The three best teams of Euro 2023 (except France and England) will book their places at the 2024 Olympic Games.

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