The clubs of Malinovsky and Sobol lost the final matches of the season in the French League 1

In the last round of the French League 1-2022/2023, the football clubs of the national team of Ukraine played away.

"Marseille" of Ruslan Malinovsky met with "Ajaccio". Our midfielder was in the starting line-up and was replaced in the 80th minute of the match, which ended with a 1:0 victory for the hosts.

"Strasbourg" of Eduard Sobol played against "Loryan". The Ukrainian defender entered the field immediately after the break, but could not help the team avoid a defeat with a score of 1:2.

As a result, "Marseille" finished third with 73 points, and "Strasbourg", having 40 points, is in 15th place in the standings of the elite division of the French championship.

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