WU-17: The draw for the first round of Euro 2024 selection will take place on June 16

On June 16, in Nyon, Switzerland, during the drawing procedure of the first round of the Euro-2023/2024 selection, the girls' national team of Ukraine WU-17 will learn the names of their opponents.

The drawing ceremony, which will start at 11.00:XNUMX Kyiv time, will determine the composition of the groups of both leagues and the hosts of this year's mini-tournaments. It is reported the UEFA official website reports..

28 teams will play in League A, including seven teams transferred from League B following the results of the second round of Euro-2022/2023. Participants will be divided into seven groups. The teams of one group will compete on the field of one of the participants in the format of mini-tournaments.

The fourth-placed teams will continue the season in the second round of League B. The seeding of the participants before the second round will depend on the places in their groups that the teams will occupy in the first round. Sweden will also participate, despite a direct ticket to the finals, which belongs to them as hosts.

League B teams (including teams relegated from League A in the second round of Euro 2022/2023) will compete for promotion to League A in six groups. The group winners and the runner-up with the best record against the first and third-placed teams in their groups will advance to the top division.

The order of the draw

In the first round, the 50 participants will be divided into League A (28 teams) and League B (22 teams) based on the ranking based on the results of the second round in the 2022/2023 season. In League A, the teams will be divided into seven quartets, in League B - into four quartets and two trios.

All national teams in their leagues are divided into four seeding baskets (in League A - seven teams in each, in League B - six teams in baskets 1 and 2, 10 - in basket 3). In each group of League A there will be one representative of each basket, and in League B each group will contain one team from the first and second basket, two teams from the third basket will go to all groups, except for groups B5 and B6, where only one will go .

According to the previously adopted decisions of the UEFA Executive Committee and the UEFA Working Group on Emergency Situations, the following national teams cannot enter the same group: Belarus and Ukraine, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

After the draw, the hosts of the mini-tournaments will be determined. The matches will take place between August 1 and November 20, 2023.

We will remind that the women's national team of Ukraine WU-17 in the selection of Euro-2022/2023 in its group of the first round took it last place and relegated to League B. In the second round, blue and yellow thanks to victories over Bulgaria - 2:1 and Latvia - 5:0 secured the first step and return to the top division.

Euro 2024 (WU-17) first round draw: leagues and baskets

League A

Pot 1: Spain, France (champion), Switzerland, Sweden (host of the final), Germany, England, Poland.

Pot 2: Portugal, Denmark, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, Ireland, Belgium.

Pot 3: Czech Republic, Norway, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Finland, Belarus.

Pot 4: Iceland*, Scotland*, Bosnia and Herzegovina*, Greece*, Northern Ireland*, Ukraine*, Bulgaria*.

* — transferred from League B.

League B.

Pot 1: Croatia*, Serbia*, Wales*, Estonia*, Slovakia*, Kosovo*.

Pot 2: North Macedonia*, Montenegro, Faroe Islands, Turkey, Israel, Luxembourg.

Pot 3: Georgia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Albania, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Andorra, Malta.

* — relegated from League A.

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