Serhii Sapronov: "In the selection of Euro-2024, we got into a fairly equal group"

June 16 took place in Switzerland of the draw of the first round of Euro-2024 selection among women's national teams (WU-17). According to his results, the teams of Germany, Romania and Austria became the rivals of Ukrainian football players in League A.

- We got into a fairly equal group, - said the head coach of the girls' national team of Ukraine WU-17 Serhiy Sapronov in a comment to the official website of the UAF. — Since, according to preliminary information, the tournament will be hosted by Germany, the home team can be considered favorites. Of course, we will try to give a fight not only to the Germans, but also to the rest of the participants. By the way, at the end of April, we defeated the Romanians at the UEFA Development Tournament.

— When will the organizers decide on the calendar and in which cities the matches will be held?

— Until June 21. We can definitely say that we will play the Germans in the opening round. Perhaps it will be possible to conduct a several-day preparation stage immediately before the start of the tournament. We hope that the hosts will meet us with the support of UEFA.

— Your wards passed a combat test at the end of April on UEFA development tournaments. How many football players who played in Romania are you counting on in the fall?

— On the 12th, the rest will still have to be decided. There are problems in the center of defense and midfield. The championship of Ukraine in the strongest class starts in August, and I will have some time to review potential newcomers. Even earlier, in July, I will also undertake the analysis of video recordings of matches involving those young Ukrainian football players who play abroad.

Draw of the first round of Euro-2024 selection (WU-17)

League A

Group 1: Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Group 2: Poland, Ireland, Norway, Iceland.

Group 3: France, Slovenia, Italy, Scotland.

Group 4: Germany, Romania, Austria, Ukraine.

Group 5: Switzerland, the Netherlands, Finland, Bulgaria.

Group 6: England, Belgium, Hungary, Northern Ireland.

Group 7: Sweden, Denmark, Belarus, Greece.

League B.

Group 1: Kosovo, North Macedonia, Georgia, Armenia.

Group 2: Serbia, Israel, Andorra, Latvia.

Group 3: Croatia, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan, Malta.

Group 4: Wales, Faroe Islands, Kazakhstan, Albania.

Group 5: Slovakia, Montenegro, Lithuania.

Group 6: Estonia, Turkey, Moldova.

The matches will take place between August 1 and November 20, 2023.

League A teams finishing fourth in their groups will continue their season in the second round of League B. The seeding of the participants before the second round will depend on the places the teams finish in the first round. Sweden also participates in the competition, despite the direct ticket to the final part, which belongs to them as hosts.

League B teams (including teams relegated from League A in the second qualifying round for Euro 2022/2023) will compete for promotion to League A in six groups. The group winners and the runner-up with the best record against the first and third-placed teams in their groups will advance to the top division.       

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