Valery Palamarchuk: "The only task is to return to the elite as soon as possible"

The youth women's national team of Ukraine WU-19 learned the names of the opponents in the first round of selection for the 2024 European Championship. By them in League B became teams of Armenia, North Macedonia and Luxembourg.

— Since the youth women's national team of Ukraine was eliminated from the elite following the results of last season, and our rivals are still playing in League B, most experts consider our team to be the favorite, — said the head coach of the blue and yellow team Valery Palamarchuk in a comment to the official UAF website . — We are not against it and will make efforts to return to the class of the strongest as soon as possible.

— Is it already known which country will host the first round of selection?

— Armenia. As for the calendar, everything will become clear in the coming days, until June 21. So far, no training camp has been planned for our team. So, we will probably hold several joint training sessions right before the tournament.

— How many applicants are there for a trip to Armenia?

— There are 35 surnames in the extended list of candidates for the youth women's national team of Ukraine. However, it is not excluded that there will be more additions, because the championship of Ukraine in the higher league will start in August, and I hope that I will take note of several more gifted soccer players. Then there will really be someone to choose from.

Draw of the first round of Euro-2024 selection (WU-19)

League A

Group 1: France, Italy, Hungary, Northern Ireland.

Group 2: Czech Republic, England, Greece, Wales.

Group 3: Austria, Denmark, Poland, Montenegro.

Group 4: Germany, Finland, Norway, Israel.

Group 5: Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey. 

Group 6: Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Faroe Islands. 

Group 7: Iceland, Serbia, Belarus, Scotland.

League B.

Group 1: Switzerland, Albania, Lithuania, Cyprus.

Group 2: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein.

Group 3: Slovenia, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Moldova. 

Group 4: Ukraine, North Macedonia, Luxembourg, Armenia.

Group 5: Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Georgia.

Group 6: Romania, Slovakia, Kazakhstan.

After the draw, the hosts of the mini-tournaments will be determined. The matches will be played either from 19/20 to 25/26 September, or from 24/25 to 30/31 October, or from 27/28 November to 4/5 December 2023.

The fourth-placed teams in their groups in League A will continue their season in the second round of League B. The seeding of the participants before the second round will depend on where the teams finish in the first round. The results of the second round of League A will determine the seven teams that will join Lithuania in the final stage of Euro-2024.

In League B, 23 teams (including those relegated from League A in the second round of Euro 2022/2023 qualifying) will compete for promotion to League A in six groups. The group winners and the runner-up with the best record against the first and third-placed teams in their groups will advance to the top division. Lithuania also participates in the competition, despite the direct ticket to the final part, which belongs to it as the host.

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