UAF asks UEFA and FIFA to punish RFS for inclusion of Crimean clubs in the Russian Championship

The Ukrainian Football Association addressed UEFA and FIFA with an official letter asking them to respond to the illegal inclusion of clubs from the Ukrainian Crimea, FC Sevastopol and FC Rubin Yalta, in the Russian championship.

The letter, in particular, emphasizes: "We have already appealed to FIFA and UEFA several times regarding the attempts of the Russian football leadership to include Ukrainian clubs to participate in Russian domestic championships. We appeal to you again regarding this issue with a request to consider and take measures to eliminate yet another violation by Russia of all existing rules and regulations."

The UAF reminds that in its official letter No. 1423 dated November 01.11.2022, XNUMX addressed to UEFA and FIFA, it already reported on the next illegal actions of the Russian terrorist state and RFS against the Ukrainian state and football, in particular attempts to integrate football clubs from the temporarily occupied regions of Ukraine into regular national championships Russia

"In our official letters No. 635 dated 01.07.2023 and No. 741 dated 22.06.2023, we drew your attention to information from open sources that FC Sevastopol and FC Rubin Yalta from the temporarily occupied Crimea received certificates for participation in second league of Russia (third national division). The permission to carry out such an action actually demonstrates contempt for the position and previous decisions of FIFA and UEFA (in 2014, UEFA granted Crimea a special status).

Despite numerous appeals by UAF to FIFA and UEFA on this matter, FC Sevastopol and FC Rubin Yalta played their first matches in the second Russian division on 16.07.2023. We consider such actions to be a gross violation of FIFA and UEFA statutes and UEFA's decision on the special status of Crimean football. In the light of the above, the UAF once again appeals to FIFA and UEFA to consider the possibility of excluding the RFS from membership in FIFA and UEFA due to proven non-compliance with the requirements of the charters of the governing bodies of the world and Europe and the values ​​of the global football family," reads the letter of the UAF to UEFA and FIFA.

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