In Uzhhorod, a seminar for coaches of the national teams of Ukraine, initiated by Serhiy Rebrov, ended

On the initiative of the head coach of the national team, Serhiy Rebrov, a training seminar for coaches of all national teams of Ukraine was held in Uzhgorod from August 11 to 13.

The purpose of the said seminar was to establish cooperation between the coaches of the national, youth and youth national teams of Ukraine. The event was attended by Serhiy Rebrov's assistant Gleb Platov and the head coach of the youth national team Unai Melgosa, who acted as moderator.

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The meeting was full of workshops, lectures and separate seminars aimed at laying the foundation for successful interaction between all specialists and strong positive synergy in the team as a whole. During the event, a lot of attention was also paid to the methodological part.  

"Serhiy Rebrov set a goal to build a single vertical of youth and youth national teams of Ukraine up to the main team. He believes that everyone should work in a single format and according to the same ideas. Thus, the seminar was the first step in the establishment of the specified structure. Every project of this kind is based on the relationship between the people involved in it. That is why this meeting of coaches and representatives of the UAF was very important and relevant.

During the practical sessions, we talked about the vision of football inherent to Serhiy Rebrov. We laid out all his main ideas, and also explained the necessity of this process. At the same time, we explained in detail how microcycles, training, and relationships with players are built, because the football player is the center of everything, and everything is done for him. Each player of the youth and youth national team is a project for the future. It is necessary that as many performers as possible are prepared and adapted to the transition to the first team of the country. It is also important that such adaptation takes as little time as possible. A single training system is being built for this. We tried to cover these ideas comprehensively so that all participants of the seminar could feel them and be able to understand or offer something of their own.

For now, we will continue to collect such seminars and believe that there should be as many of them as possible. At the same time, we should always remember that a full-scale war is going on in our country, and only thanks to the Armed Forces, all the defenders of Ukraine, we have this opportunity. So we had to use every minute of the seminar productively and efficiently to achieve the desired result.

Such seminars are important not only for coaches of youth and youth national teams, but also for the development of Ukrainian football in general. We want to make the process systematic and as open as possible so that all Ukrainian specialists can use its results," said Glib Platov.  

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"I consider myself a part of Serhiy Rebrov's project, because the youth team is a kind of bridge for players to get into the main team. Currently, my role is to prepare football players so that they quickly adapt to the national team. In addition, I am the coordinator of interaction between the U-17, U-19 and U-21 teams, where I have very similar tasks - to implement players in more mature teams.  

In Uzhhorod, we worked precisely to launch the process initiated by Serhiy Rebrov. We interacted with specialists who have been working at the UAF for a long time. We discussed game ideas, working with players who need to be prepared for the national team," Unai Melgosa emphasized.  

It should be noted that the seminar was attended by the employees of the relevant units of the UAF and representatives of the youth national teams, in particular the captains of the U-18/19 (Oleg Kuznetsov), U-17/18 (Yuriy Moroz), U-16/17 (Voladymyr Yezerskyi) teams.

Photo of UAF press service

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