The information about the falsification of UAF documents regarding cooperation with Pierluigi Collina is not true

Responding to the appearance in some media of allegations about alleged falsification by the Ukrainian Football Association of documents on cooperation and settlement of debt financial obligations to the Italian referee Pierluigi Collina, we clarify.

UAF started cooperation with Pierluigi Collina, who currently heads the FIFA Referees Committee, in August 2012.

Within the scope of fulfilling the conditions stipulated by the contract, the Italian specialist carried out the reorganization of the system of professional football arbitration and the supervision of the committee of professional football referees.

In 2015, cooperation with Mr. Collina was extended for another four years with changes and additions to the provisions of the previous contract.

Due to objective economic reasons, debt to the Italian referee arose over time, and the cooperation of the parties ended prematurely.

For this reason, Mr. Collina filed a lawsuit in the court of Nyon (Switzerland) with demands for the repayment of debts owed to him by UAF (fees and severance payments). The dispute between the parties on this matter was resolved precisely within the framework of the legal proceedings in the Swiss court.

The result of its settlement was the fulfillment of UAF's debt obligations to the Italian referee, which, among other things, is evidenced by the relevant payment documents to the personal account of Mr. Collina, in particular from 2017 as well.


This allowed the parties to agree on a settlement agreement, which was considered by the Swiss court.

Please note that at the time of the early termination of cooperation with Mr. Collina and the emergence of debt obligations to him on the part of the UAF, there were no criminal proceedings regarding the construction of the factory for the production of artificial football turf. Accordingly, statements in certain media about the alleged creation and signing of some documents within the framework of employment relations with Collina "retrospectively" are completely untrue. Neither the UAF nor anyone else is able to falsify the legal proceedings of the Swiss courts in order to "legalize" certain financial transactions. And this position of the prosecution is destroyed by a number of documentary confirmations.

We emphasize that since the association fulfilled its financial obligations to Mr. Collina, neither Collina, who currently heads the world refereeing in football, nor his lawyers have ever had any questions, claims or objections regarding the legality of the documents on cooperation with him and the legality calculation processes.

Even before the start of the criminal proceedings, within the framework of which preventive measures have been chosen for the representatives of the UAF, the association began to settle the dispute with Kollina and eventually paid all the debt to him, and the corresponding payment instructions were given to the investigation, in particular to the detectives of the NABU. For the entire time the detectives of the bureau conducted a pre-trial investigation in the "plant case" there were no claims to agreements and other financial documents. And there are no legal grounds for such claims even now.

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