Euro-2023 (U-19) from futsal. In the semi-finals, the youth national team of Ukraine lost to the Spanish team

Futsal Euro-2023 (U-19) is underway in Poreč, Croatia. The youth national team of Ukraine continued its performance in the final tournament with a semi-final match against Spain.

The blue and yellow started at the European Championship with a defeat against Italy (1:2), but in the following rounds they beat Slovenia (4:2) and Finland (7:4), so we made it to the semi-finals — the second in the history of our team.

There, Ihor Moskvichev's wards were opposed by the Spaniards, the winners of the two previous final tournaments at the youth level (20192022). It is worth remembering that within the framework of preparations for Euro-2023 (U-19), the Ukrainians exchanged victories in sparring matches with the Pyrenees — 5:4 and 2:5.

"Furia Roja" started the match with two goals. First, Tapias scored after an interception, and then Panades successfully completed the counterattack. It took time for blue and yellow to recover from such a blow.

In the 13th minute, the teams exchanged dangerous attempts by Kano and Rybitsky. Later, Moreno from a great position forgave our national team, and Snitsarenko, having intercepted the ball, lost the duel to the goalkeeper. And yet, in the 17th minute, our boys scored one goal - Malinovsky's pass from the corner was blocked by Rybitsky. The Spaniards responded by hitting Rodo into the post, and Fedyk made a dangerous shot at the Ukrainians.

At the beginning of the second half, the blue-yellow team equalized the score — Yelishev intercepted, and Snitsarenko powerfully shot. However, the Spaniards quickly regained the advantage - Ramos scored after a corner. In the future, "Furia Roja" continued to have the initiative, in particular, Vicente hit the crossbar.

The Spaniards concentrated on controlling the ball, Dyachenko had to help our team several times. In the last minutes, the blue and yellow went on the attack, used the fifth field player, but they could not score a saving goal. 2:3. So, at the second European Championship in a row, the Ukrainian national team stops in the semi-finals.

Euro-2023 (U-19) from futsal. The final tournament



Ukraine — Spain — 2:3 (1:2)

Goals: Rybitsky (17), Snitsarenko (24) — Tapias (2), Panades (3), Ramos (25).

Ukraine: Dyachenko — Rybitsky, Fedyk, Malinovsky, Skibchyk (k); Belimov, Rafalsky, Prykhodko, Tatumirak, Tkachenko, Yelishev, Snitsarenko, Tyutyurai, Peletsky.

Spain: Lopez — Cano, Panades, Tapias (c), Moreno; Nicolas, Salas, Vicente, Rodo, Ramos, Martinez, Santa Cruz, Soler, Garcia.

Booked: Fedyk (8), Rybitsky (37) — Martinez (8).

Portugal — Slovenia — 3:2



Portugal - Spain (21.30)

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