Euro-2023 (U-19) from futsal. The Portuguese national team became the champion of the continent for the first time

Futsal Euro-2023 (U-19) ended in Poreč, Croatia. In the final match, the Portuguese national team beat the Spanish team, the winner of the previous two European championships. Taking revenge on their neighbors for the defeat in 2022, the Portuguese became the strongest on the continent at the youth level.

Euro-2023 (U-19) from futsal. The final tournament



Portugal — Spain — 6:2 - 2:2

Goals: Luciu (10, 37), Dzyaloshynskyi (20), Salas (27, own goal), Kolasu (36, double penalty), Santos (39) — Salas (5, 6).

It will be recalled that the youth futsal team of Ukraine started the group with a defeat against Italy (1:2), but in the following rounds it beat Slovenia (4:2) and Finland (7:4). The blue and yellow reached the second semi-final of the European Championship in their history, where they lost to Spain (2:3).

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