The first league: victory of "Ingulets" in the minority, another success of "Karpat"

The central match of the 8th round in group "B" took place in Petrov, where the favorite, "Ingulets", hosted the main pursuer, "Viktoria". The hosts really wanted to take revenge from the guests for the recent defeat in the draw of the Cup of Ukraine.

But in the 37th minute, their situation became more difficult, because the all-rounder Sydorenko was removed from the field for a second warning. However, this only added sports anger to the wards of Vladyslav Lupashko. In the second half, playing in the minority, they forced the goalkeeper of "Victoria" to capitulate three times. 

First, after a three-pointer, Pyatov adjusted the flight of the ball to the net in one touch. Then Bogunov increased the home team's advantage with a free kick. And brought the matter to the defeat of Koltsov, who skillfully converted the penalty - 3:0. Now the team from Petrovy broke away from "Victoria", which suffered the first defeat, already by seven points.

The leader of Group A, Karpaty, also feels confident about the tournament distance. Myron Markevich's wards won another victory over Podillia, which this experienced specialist once led.

Lviv took the lead after an exemplary counterattack, which Kostenko finished off with a powerful strike. The Podolians leveled the situation rather unexpectedly - after a long-range shot by Tsybulnyk. Demchenko's replacement helped "Karpats" to achieve breakthrough. It was in the fight with him that the visiting captain Prykhna broke the rules, and Polehenko, realizing the penalty, set the final score — 2:1.

Since the main pursuer, "Niva" from Buziv, did not win again (0:0), "Karpaty" increased the gap to six points.

Finally, it is worth noting the debutant of the first league, "Khust", which won its second consecutive victory at home, this time over "Niva" from Ternopil (2:0), and significantly improved its tournament position.

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