The UAF official position regarding the UEFA decision on the Russian teams admission to international competitions

UAF strongly condemns today's UEFA decision on the return of U-17 teams from the Russian Federation to international competitions.

UAF insists on preserving the previous decisions of UEFA and FIFA regarding the prevention of all Russian teams from participating in international competitions.

UAF confirms that we will not take part in any competitions with the participation of Russian teams, and appeal to other UEFA member associations to boycott possible matches with the participation of teams from the Russian Federation, subject to their admission.

We are convinced that the adoption of similar decisions regarding the gradual return of teams from the Russian Federation to participation in competitions in the midst of hostilities conducted by the Russian Federation against Ukraine is groundless and such that it tolerates Russia's aggressive policy.

We strongly urge UEFA to review this decision and leave in force the previous decision on the complete exclusion of any teams from the Russian Federation from participation in international competitions.

10.10.2023 15:28

UEFA will not allow U-17 teams of Russia to compete. We thank our European partners for supporting Ukraine!

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