Ukrainian "Mriya-2006" became the winner of the 2023 Women's Beach Soccer World Champions Cup

The Ukrainian team "Mriya-2006" became the winner of the 2023 Women's World Champions Cup in beach soccer, which was held in Italy.

Yuriy Klymenko's wards reached the finals of the tournament, beating the Dutch BSZ Ladies and the Salvadoran Barra de Santiago in the group round, and the Japanese Lazo Apego in the semifinals.

World Champions Cup-2023. Women's tournament

Group C

26.09. BSZ Ladies (Netherlands) — Barra de Santiago (El Salvador) — 6:2

27.09. "Dream-2006" (Ukraine) — BSZ Ladies (Netherlands) — 2:1

28.09. Barra de Santiago (Salvador) — "Dream-2006" (Ukraine) - 4: 7

Thus, the Ukrainian women reached the semifinals of the competition as the winners of group C. There they were joined by the winners of groups A and B, Italy's Cagliari and Japan's Lazo Apego, respectively, and Brazil's Sao Pedro as the best second team from all groups.


30.09. "Dream-2006" (Ukraine) — Lazo Apego (Japan) — 5:1

30.09. Cagliari (Italy) — Sao Pedro (Brazil) — 1:5



"Mriya-2006" (Ukraine) — Sao Pedro (Brazil) — 5:3

Goals: Kostyuk (6), Bednarska (9), Klipachenko (22), Dubytska (28), Dekhtyar (32) — Mayara (4), Tai (31, 35).

"Dream-2006": Terek, Bednarska, Shpera, Volovenko, Dubytska, Kostyuk, Dekhtyar, Vypasnyak, Klipachenko, Tikhonova, Kyrylchuk.

Booked: Volovenko (27) — Chechylia (21).

In today's final, "Mriya-2006" met with Brazilian Sao Pedro. The Ukrainian women played a great match, did not give up when they missed the ball in the 4th minute, and took the lead even before the end of the first period. Yulia Kostiuk and Paulina Bednarska distinguished themselves. 

In the second 12-minute Anastasia Klipachenko increased our team's lead, and in the third Iryna Dubytska scored the fourth goal against the Brazilians. Then the rivals exchanged goals, and Yuliya Dekhtyar scored for us. Towards the end of the match, Sao Pedro scored again, but it did not affect the overall result.

In the end, 5:3 — the victory of "Mriya-2006".

Thus, our girls became the winners of the Women's World Champions Cup-2023.

2023 teams took part in the men's World Champions Cup-24 in beach soccer, including Ukrainian "Arthur Music" (Kyiv) and "Vybir" (Dnipro).

World Champions Cup-2023. Men's tournament

Group E

26.09. 'Choice" (Ukraine) — "Bologna" (Italy) — 6:2
27.09. "Marseille" (France) — "Choice" (Ukraine) — 2:5
28.09. "Choice" (Ukraine) — "Mazzaron" (Spain) — 2:6
Our team took second place in Group E and advanced to the 1/8 finals.

Group F

26.09. "Paphos" (Cyprus) — "Arthur Music" (Ukraine) - 5: 6
27.09. "Arthur Music" (Ukraine) — Cali BSC (USA) — 7:6
28.09. Barra de Santiago (Salvador) — "Arthur Music" (Ukraine) - 2: 3
Our team reached the 1/8 finals, where the fate of the tournament brought it together with "Vybor". 
"Arthur Music" (Ukraine) — "Vybir" (Ukraine) — 6:4
Thus, "Vybir" finished their performances in the 2023 World Champions Cup, and "Arthur Music" reached the quarterfinals, where they met with the Latvian "Riga".
30.09."Arthur Music" (Ukraine) — "Riga" (Latvia) — 3:5
Later, the Ukrainians entered the play-offs for 5th-8th place, where they met the German Real Munster in the semi-finals.
Play-off for 5-8 places
30.09. Real Munster (Germany) — "Arthur Music" (Ukraine) - 6: 5
Match for 7-8 places
01.10. "Arthur Music" (Ukraine) — Huelva (Spain) — 5:2
So, as a result, "Arthur Music" took seventh place in the 2023 World Champions Cup draw. 
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