"International law can win only here, in Ukraine." Address of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, addressed the people, talking about the external meeting of the Council on Foreign Affairs of the European Union in Kyiv and the need for a powerful response from the world to every attempt by Russia to deceive the sanctions regimes and international law.

"I wish you health, dear Ukrainian men and women!

Today is European, EU Day in Ukraine. It is a very symbolic day: you can feel exactly what it will look like, exactly what it will sound like, what issues and how it will be resolved when Ukraine fully joins the European Union.

An external meeting of the Council on Foreign Affairs of the European Union was held today in Kyiv.

All the ministers of foreign affairs of the member countries, representatives of the European Commission, High Commissioner for Foreign Policy and Security Policy Josep Borrell were present. A very productive and meaningful meeting. Really in the interests of all of Europe.

Such an external format of work of this Council is the first time outside the European Union. But this is formally out of bounds. We all know that it is only a matter of time before Ukraine becomes a member of the EU. So, in fact, the meeting took place already in the EU. Objectively, our country is a leader in the protection of the very foundations on which European unity rests. The unity of modern Europe, which values ​​the freedom of people and the equality of nations, values ​​international law.

Today, we talked, in particular, about Ukraine's full accession to the EU.

Our key integration goal is to arrive at a decision to start membership negotiations this year. And today I once again heard at meetings and negotiations that this is absolutely possible. Ukraine will definitely fulfill its part of the work - seven recommendations of the European Commission. 

And it is very important that there should be a similar readiness for a political decision regarding Ukraine, regarding the start of negotiations on the part of the European Union and all member states.

Today I had the opportunity to talk with all the top diplomats of the EU at the bilateral level, at the level of the entire community. We had a good discussion. From many issues.

The key, of course, is our defense in this war, which is Russia's aggression not only against Ukraine as a state, but also against Ukraine as a symbol of how free and democratic Europe can be.

I thank the partners for their support — military and economic, sanctions. Today we paid special attention to the issue of sanctions. About Russia's attempts to circumvent sanctions. I believe that every attempt by Russia to deceive the sanctions regimes and international law requires a powerful response from the world.

Any criminals — and even more so criminals like those in Moscow — understand only the language of force and the inevitability of punishment.

Good bilateral meetings with Mr. Borrell and with the Italian Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Tajani. Our defense, our cooperation. Many questions.

I am grateful to Mr. Borrell for his sincere and good faith in Ukraine, for his constant support.

I would like to personally thank the whole of Italy and personally Mrs. Giorgia Meloni, Mr. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy for particularly sensitive assistance, in particular in the reconstruction in Odessa: an agreement was signed with Italy on the restoration of the Savior and Transfiguration Cathedral in Odessa, which was destroyed by Russia with a Russian rocket. No matter how Russia destroys history and culture, Europe is capable of restoring everything. And this is the strength of Europe, of our free and united Europe.

I want to thank Denmark for the decision to open a branch of its embassy in Mykolaiv. This is an exemplary example of patronage over the reconstruction of the region and an absolutely effective way to implement our agreements with Mrs. Prime Minister of Denmark Frederiksen. Thank you!

In general, today they talked quite meaningfully about the work of our ports, about security in the Black Sea. About grain export and food stability in the world.

The strengthening of air defense was discussed separately. Thanks to partners for understanding.

He also met with the Minister of Defense of Estonia. I am grateful for the support already provided. And this is tangible support. 16 defense packages from Estonia. Today we discussed the continuation of our cooperation.

Plus two phone calls. 

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. They talked about political interaction. About the ways of solidarity in Europe and about the export of Ukrainian grain, about the support of our farmers. It is very important that everyone in Europe equally observes European norms and does not violate the concluded agreements. This is a clear principle of Ukraine, and it is important that the same principle is the basis of the decisions of all subjects of European politics.

He also spoke with the Prime Minister of Spain, Sanchez. He thanked for the principled defense and political support. Ukraine hopes for an effective presidency of Spain in the Council of the EU. We also discussed international events for which we are preparing together with Spain.

Another important result today is that our Peace Formula is gaining more and more support. Thanks for that too.

And one more thank you. Our warriors. The 58th separate motorized infantry brigade named after Hetman Vyhovsky, our glorious "seventy-ninth" DSHV and the 128th separate brigade of the Terro-defense Forces - thank you, soldiers, for the extremely stable and effective defense in the areas of Urozhainy, Maryinka, and Staromayorsky. You are the real strength of Ukraine. Well done!

Glory to all who fight for our country and people! Thanks to everyone who helps!

All support for Ukraine, every step to help us will definitely return to those who support, global security. When Russian aggression loses on our land, the very idea of ​​aggression will be shattered. International law can win only now — only here, only in Ukraine.

And he wins. We will win!

Glory to Ukraine!"

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