"Open football lessons" came to Vinnytsia

The project of the Ukrainian Football Association and Vinnytsia Regional Football Association "Open Football Lessons" to help children affected by the war started in Vinnytsia in the city of Pogrebyshche.

Before the start of the event, all those present observed a moment of silence to commemorate the fallen heroes of Ukraine, children and peaceful citizens of our country. Team representatives Roman Vakolyuk and Veronika Zhilyuk raised the national flag during the performance of the National Anthem of Ukraine.

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The children were congratulated by the head of the physical culture and sports sector of the Department of Social Protection of the Population of the Pogrebyshchyna City Council, Viktor Demydenko, the regional project coordinator from the Vinnytsia OAF, Oleksandr Sydoruk, and the head of the Pogrebyshchyna Football Association, Serhiy Poberezhets. They wished the participants of the festival bright emotions, and also noted: "The project attracts not only future players to football, but also future coaches, volunteers, fans, all those who, thanks to such festivals, want to join the football process and come to the stadium." The event was also attended by Anatoliy Bilyk, adviser to the city mayor, and Volodymyr Prokopenko, director of the Burial School of Ukraine.

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The festival started with a flash mob, which was prepared by girls from the Lyceum No. 1 of the Burial School. Then the leader of the volunteers Kostyantyn Lisovyi familiarized everyone with the procedure of the event. For the children, the instructors arranged a variety of entertaining football games, competitions, contests, etc. The football field was divided into seven sectors, each of which was staffed by a volunteer coach. They shared the secrets of football with the children, introduced them to exercises that help develop accuracy, speed and endurance. The children, united in teams, moved from sector to sector, where they were offered to perform one or another exercise or involved in a game.

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Not only teachers and coaches, but also representatives of the police took care of the children. Employees of the local branch of the National Police Administration held preventive talks with the participants of the event. The children learned about the peculiarities of the work of law enforcement officers and had the opportunity to sit in a police car, try on a bulletproof vest, use special signals and turn on flashing beacons. Medical workers familiarized themselves with providing first aid to children. The rescuers showed the children the equipment they work on and told what these machines are equipped with and how they are used in emergency situations.

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The children gladly participated in competitions, games and performed various exercises under the command of their mentors.

After the end of the festival, a solemn awarding ceremony took place. Each child received a commemorative T-shirt, a project diploma, and teachers and coaches received the necessary sports equipment for further training.

All the organizers are sure that the time spent on the sports field was not wasted, and many of the children will decide to choose an active and healthy lifestyle and join a friendly football family.

Photo by VOAF

The project of the Ukrainian Football Association "Open Fun Football Schools" (Open Fun Football Schools) with the support of UEFA is:

  • psychosocial support for children of armed forces, children of IDPs, children affected by war;
  • association and friendship of IDP children with local children, social integration;
  • inclusive environment, participants regardless of ability level, gender, as well as the participation of children with special educational needs;
  • knowledge of security in conditions of war;
  • the philosophy of mass football — the joy of the game instead of the result at any cost;
  • education of a healthy lifestyle;
  • development of volunteerism;
  • activation of local communities through cross-sectoral networks (teachers, trainers, psychologists, security specialists, parents, youth leaders, local authorities, patrons, etc.).

All project activities are carried out in the regions in agreement with the regional military administrations.

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