The national team of Ukraine among players with amputations of limbs started participation in the League of Nations-2023 with a victory

Now, in the period from October 6 to 8, the first tournament of the League of Nations of the European Football Federation among amputees is taking place.

In general, the League of Nations consists of four divisions, in which competitions are held in four different countries. At the same time, the LN is a qualifying tournament for the 2024 European Championship in France.


In the Belgian Blankenberge, the Ukrainian national team won the first match, against the Greek team, with a score of 2:1. Next, the blue-yellows have matches with Belgium, Georgia and Israel.


One of the players of the Ukrainian national team is 31-year-old goalkeeper Evgeny. He was born in Dnipropetrovsk, and in 2014, with the beginning of the war, he became a volunteer. From 2017 to 2021, he served under a contract. With the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, he returned to the army on February 25 to continue to defend our country. In May 2022, a man, who at that time was the commander of the group, was wounded in the Kherson direction, between the settlements of Maryine and Zarichne. Treatment and long rehabilitation followed.

Now Yevhen is waiting for hand prosthetics. At one of the charity matches, the serviceman learned about the training organized by the Ukrainian Football Association of People with Disabilities and the UAF, and came to test his strength (before the war, Yevgeny played football in Dnipro-75). The goalkeeper plans to get a bionic prosthesis and continue his service.

"I did not expect that I would go as part of the team. But now the main task for us is to win the tournament," comments another player of the Ukrainian national team, Volodymyr from Sumy Oblast, a serviceman who was discharged for health reasons.

Volodymyr's whole family is football, and it was his father who trained him from childhood and instilled his love for football. Having learned about training on artificial fields of the NTK named after V. Bannikova, Volodymyr began to come to play football and talk with his brothers, because everyone has the same injuries.


By the way, after learning about our team's participation in the League of Nations, Oleg Yashchuk, a famous Ukrainian football player in the past, came to support it at the competition. At one time, Oleg played as a striker for Niva Ternopil, and in 1996-2006, playing for Belgium's most successful club, Anderlecht, he became the champion of this country four times. 

The schedule of the next matches of the national team of Ukraine


13:00. Belgium — Ukraine


13:00. Ukraine - Georgia

17:00. Ukraine - Israel

Broadcasts of matches can be watched at link

The group winner qualifies for Division B, while the last-placed team is relegated to Division D. 

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