"Open football lessons" in Kagarlyk, Kyiv region

The socio-sports project "Open Football Lessons" of the Ukrainian Football Association and the Kyiv Union of Football Associations took place at the stadium of the Kagarlychchyna Physical Culture and Health Complex. 72 students of the Kagarlytsk community took part in the event.

Deputy mayor of Kagarlytskyi Ihor Budyuk, head of the education department of the city council Nadiya Omelchenko, head of the youth and sports department of the city council Anastasiya Ivanyuta, regional project coordinator from KOAF Volodymyr Maslov took part in the opening of the festival.

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Nadiya Omelchenko congratulated the participants of the festival and thanked the Ukrainian Football Association, which gave the Kagarlytsk community the opportunity to hold the festival right here.

The festival began with a ruhanka, which the students of Kagarlytskyi Lyceum No. 3 conducted with the participants. After that, the participants of the "Open Football Lessons" and their mentors went to different locations.

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"Open football lessons" is a social project of the Ukrainian Football Association, Volodymyr Maslov, its coordinator in the Kyiv region, told about the festival. — In the Kyiv region, the project is implemented in a different city each time. After all, its organizers want children from new communities to take part in the festival every time. This time the festival came to Kagarlyk. The purpose of this festival now is for the children affected by the war, displaced children to adapt socially and psychologically.

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Volodymyr Maslov noted that 72 children from Kagarlychyna and 12 volunteers — physical education teachers, coaches of Kagarlykya State University of Applied Sciences and their assistants — young leaders, are taking part in the festival in Kagarlyky. The children are divided into six teams, which will take turns going through six squares-locations with different directions.

Director of the Kagarlytskyi Children's and Youth Sports School, Roman Svyridchenko, said that the Ukrainian Football Association provided the participants of the festival with sports equipment and equipment. All this will remain with them after the end of the event for the further development of the sport.

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In general, as Roman Svyridchenko noted, all six teams will visit six such locations:

1. Safety field. Here, employees of the Kagarlytskyi police department talk about the rules for handling explosive objects. About what offenses are and how to avoid them.

2. Psychologist's playground.

3. Site of a healthy lifestyle. Sports equipment is used here, and its manager tells us what increases the immunity of our body and what decreases it.

4. The playground, where children are shown various sports exercises and elements of playing football.

5. Field of various football relays.

6. Football field. Games and exercises with soccer balls are also held here. And also children play football.

Roman Svyridchenko added that the goal of the festival is for the children to distract themselves a little from the events and make friends with each other. After all, children not only from Kagarlyk, but also from the villages of the community take part in the festival. And the organizers divided them into different teams to introduce and improve communication between children.

The project of the Ukrainian Football Association "Open Fun Football Schools" (Open Fun Football Schools) with the support of UEFA is:

  • psychosocial support for children of armed forces, children of IDPs, children affected by war;
  • association and friendship of IDP children with local children, social integration;
  • inclusive environment, participants regardless of ability level, gender, as well as the participation of children with special educational needs;
  • knowledge of security in conditions of war;
  • the philosophy of mass football — the joy of the game instead of the result at any cost;
  • education of a healthy lifestyle;
  • development of volunteerism;
  • activation of local communities through cross-sectoral networks (teachers, trainers, psychologists, security specialists, parents, youth leaders, local authorities, patrons, etc.).

All project activities are carried out in the regions in agreement with the regional military administrations.

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