Oleg Kuznetsov: "The matches in South Korea will benefit our national team"

The youth national team of Ukraine U-19 (football players not older than 2005) completed the training by taking part in the international tournament held in South Korea. In addition to the hosts of the competition, the blue-yellow team also played against the teams of Vietnam and Morocco.

Oleg Kuznetsov, the head coach of our team, told the official UAF website about the results of this work.

"I can say unequivocally that I will add the fee to the assets of our national team," said Oleg Volodymyrovych. — The past matches will benefit the team before the qualifying round of the European Championship.

— Did the level of the Asian and African national teams satisfy you?

- No doubt. If a few years ago, South Korea was in the second or third roles in its region, now it has noticeably increased. At the level of youth national teams, this team looks very decent. Morocco is one of the best teams on the African continent, with almost all players playing for good European clubs. And Vietnam is a well-trained team, the players know what to do on the field. Perhaps the players lack a little height, but they fight to the end... We would hardly find such games in Ukraine, so we can only express our gratitude to the management of the UAF for being able to play with such, one might say, exotic teams.

Photo of UAF press service

— Can the defeat in the first match against South Korea be attributed to acclimatization?

— To some extent it is so. It was just the third day of our stay there. In addition, it is worth noting that it took us a day to get to Warsaw, then there was an 11-hour flight to South Korea, and the time difference compared to Ukraine is six hours. I cannot fail to mention the food, which was spicy, unusual for us. However, I think that if the first match was against Vietnam, the result in the game with the hosts might have been different.

— In a month, the qualifying round of Euro-2024 (U-19) will start for your national team. By what percentage have you already decided on the composition?

— I will not say in terms of percentage, but 17-18 players are in the bracket. Although I understand that force majeure may occur, because someone may be injured or fall ill. It is important that we managed to see a lot of newcomers in the case, so one of them may also be among those footballers who will go to the qualification.

— When do you plan to start collecting in November?

— If the plans do not change, we will leave Kyiv for Poland on the 11th. We fly to Malta on the 12th, and our first match is on the 15th.

International tournament Seoul Cup (U-19)


South Korea - Ukraine - 4: 2

Vietnam — Morocco — 0:5


Ukraine — Vietnam — 3:2

South Korea - Morocco - 1:1


Morocco — Ukraine - 3: 4 

South Korea - Vietnam - 2:0









1. South Korea







2. Ukraine







3. Morocco







4. Vietnam







We remind you that from November 15 to 21, this youth national team of Ukraine will play in the qualifying round of Euro-2024 (U-19). According to the results of the draw blue-yellow will meet the teams of Slovakia, Kosovo and Malta (host of the competition).

Composition of qualifying groups for Euro-2024 (U-19)

Group 1: France, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia.

Group 2: Norway, Hungary, Latvia, Gibraltar.

Group 3: Serbia, Scotland, Bulgaria, Andorra.

Group 4: Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Liechtenstein.

Group 5: Germany, Poland, North Macedonia, Kazakhstan.

Group 6: Spain, Georgia, Cyprus, Moldova.

Group 7: Ukraine, Slovakia, Kosovo, Malta.

Group 8: Turkey, Greece, Belarus, Lithuania.

Group 9: Israel, Croatia, Armenia, Faroe Islands.

Group 10: Czech Republic, Romania, Finland, San Marino.

Group 11: The Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Luxembourg.

Group 12: England, Austria, Wales, Montenegro.

Group 13: Ireland, Belgium, Slovenia, Albania.

The first two qualifying group winners and the best third-place finishers from the matches against the first and second teams will join Portugal in the elite qualifying round.

The national team of Northern Ireland, as the host, won a direct pass to the final stage, which will be held in the summer of 2024.

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