Volodymyr Pyatenko: "Victory in Greece should return intrigue in the struggle for leadership"

On October 27 and 31, the women's national team of Ukraine will hold matches of the 3rd and 4th rounds of the newly created League of Nations — with Greek women. Both confrontations will pass on the opponent's field.

Volodymyr Pyatenko, the acting head coach of the blue and yellow team, in a comment to the official website of the UAF, reported the latest news from the camp of the country's main team:

— As I already announced, after the opening matches with Serbia (1: 2) and Poland (1:2) there was a rotation of the composition in the national team. They decided to invite Maryna Shaynyuk from Vorskla, Nadia Kunina from Kolos and Yana Derkach from Fomget (Turkey). They replaced Victoria Holovach, Iryna Kotyash and Khrystyna Pereviznyk.

— When did you start direct preparation for matches with Greek women?

— On October 22, we transited through Warsaw and arrived in Greece, where we will hold a four-day training camp. There we will polish the game connections. Of course, it is desirable that my wards do not have health problems during this period.

— In the opening matches of the League of Nations, the Ukrainian women lost against Serbia and Poland, and there is nowhere to retreat...

- The girls are aware of this. We have a lot of information at our disposal about the strengths and weaknesses of the Greek women, and I hope that we will approach the matches with them in fighting shape. The wards are determined only to win, which will allow to return the intrigue in the fight for leading positions in the group.

As a reminder, the matches of the national teams of Ukraine and Greece will be held on October 27 and 31 in Heraklion at the stadium of the local OFI club - Teodoros Vardinoyannis. Both games will start at 17:00 (local time coincides with Kyiv time).

The squad of the national women's team of Ukraine

Goalkeepers: Kateryna Samson ("Vorskla" Poltava), Daria Kelyushik ("Kryvbas" Kryvyi Rih), Kateryna Boklach ("Marseille", France).

Defenders: Kateryna Korsun, Yana Kotyk, Iryna Podolska, Maryna Shayniuk (all "Vorskla" Poltava), Anastasia Voronina ("Colossus" Kovalivka), Lyubov Shmatko ("Galatasaray", Turkey), Yana Derkach ("Fomget", Turkey).

Midfielders: Iryna Maiborodina, Nadiya Kunina (both from Kolos Kovalivka), Anna Petryk, Nikol Kozlova, Veronika Andruhiv (all from Vorskla Poltava), Viktoriya Giryn (Ladomyr Volodymyr), Dayana Semkiv (Kryvbas Kryvyi Rih), Natia Pantsulaya, Darya Apanashchenko (both from "Zhytlobud-1" Kharkiv).

Forwards: Yana Kalinina, Roksolana Kravchuk (both from Vorskla Poltava), Olga Ovdiychuk (Fomget, Turkey), Inna Hlushchenko (Nice, France).

Women's League of Nations-2023/2024. Group B3

1 round


Ukraine - Serbia - 1: 2 

Greece — Poland — 1:3

2 round


Poland - Ukraine - 2: 1

Serbia - Greece - 4:0










































3 round


Greece - Ukraine

Poland — Serbia

4 round


Ukraine - Greece

Serbia — Poland

5 round


Ukraine - Poland

Greece - Serbia

6 round


Serbia - Ukraine

Poland — Greece

Women's League of Nations 2023/2024 draw results

League A

Group A1: England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland.

Group A2: France, Norway, Austria, Portugal.

Group A3: Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Wales.

Group A4: Sweden, Spain, Italy, Switzerland.

League B.

Group B1: Ireland, Northern Ireland, Hungary, Albania.

Group B2: Finland, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia.

Group B3: Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, Greece.

Group B4: Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus.

League C.

Group C1: Malta, Moldova, Latvia, Andorra.

Group C2: Turkey, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Georgia.

Group C3: Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Cyprus, Faroe Islands.

Group C4: Israel, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Armenia.

Group C5: North Macedonia, Kosovo, Bulgaria.

How will the group matches be played?

All matches in the group stage will be played according to the usual format - home and away against each opponent in the group. Three points will be awarded for a win, one for a draw, and none for a loss.

Who is leaving? Who will play in the head-to-head matches?

League A

The top two teams in each group remain in League A for the 2025 Women's UEFA European Qualifiers.

The four third-placed teams play head-to-head matches against the second-placed national teams in League B groups. The winner of each tie will play in League A for European qualification; the losing teams will play in League B.

Fourth-placed teams are relegated to League B.

League B

The four group winners advance to League A.

The four second-placed teams play in tie-breaks against the third-placed national teams in League A. The winners will play in League A; the losing teams will play in League B.

The three best third-placed teams play head-to-head matches against the three best second-placed teams in League C. The winners play in League B within the European qualifiers; the losing teams will play in League C.

The lowest-ranked third-placed team and the four fourth-placed teams advance to League C.

League C

The five group winners advance to League B.

The three best second-placed teams play head-to-head matches with the three best third-placed teams in League B. The winners play in League B within the European qualifiers; the losing teams will play in League C.

Other teams remain in League C.

Class promotion/relegation matches

Pairs are formed by drawing lots, matches are played at home and away. The teams that took the third places in their groups are considered seeded and the return matches are held at home.

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