The first league. "Karpaty" lost for the first time, and "Prykarpattia" won the third title in a row

The central matches of the 15th round in the first league were supposed to take place yesterday, but due to the air alarm, they were postponed until today.

And a rather unexpected result was recorded in Kamianets-Podilskyi. The local "Epicenter" won a strong-willed victory over the favorite of group "A", "Karpaty", - 3:2. Myron Markevich, Kermanych of Lviv, recently celebrated his defenders for their reliability, but today they failed. And although the green and whites continue to confidently lead, their game does not make a complete impression.

And in group "B" today, the leader "Ingulets" lost another point, which parted ways with "Metalurg" - 0:0. There were no goals in the match between "Viktoria" and "Poltava", which are also included in the leading group.

The competition for getting into the "championship" group in group "A" also intensified. Yesterday, thanks to Vasyl Palagniuk's double, "Bukovyna" won against "Metalist" - 3:2, and today "Prykarpattia" also took the victory over "Niva" from Buziv - 1:0 and changed places again with the team from Chernivtsi.

Match results and standings of the first league

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