Vadym Kostyuchenko: "Help in the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers is our honorable duty"

The first vice-president of the UAF, Vadym Kostyuchenko, and the heads of one of the military rehabilitation centers, where our defenders undergo long-term treatment and rehabilitation, had a meeting at the House of Football.

"At our medical institution, patients with amputations, with external fixation devices, with spinal injuries are treated... We also provide psychiatric rehabilitation for patients who have received combat mental trauma and are temporarily unable to perform combat tasks. During rehabilitation, we began to effectively use sports loads. After receiving equipment and balls from the UAF, we realized that we need to equip a full-fledged field with an artificial surface and we hope for your help in this matter," said the representative of the military doctors.

"The Ukrainian Football Association has been paying attention to the rehabilitation of our defenders for a long time. We provided assistance in all-Ukrainian competitions among the military, we regularly hold various tournaments for the military on the fields of the Viktor Bannikov complex. We have experience of cooperation in this direction with the Main Military Clinical Hospital. We regularly train amputee soldiers, several of these players even represented Ukraine as part of the national team at the League of Nations tournament, where they took second place.

Of course, we will not only find an opportunity to help you in arranging the field in your center, but we will also do it in all other four similar medical institutions, which we will also provide with football equipment.

Also, UAF will undertake the training of your specialists so that they can conduct football classes. And to make it more interesting for the boys to practice, let's think together about the competition format between the centers. Maybe with the final we have Bannikov...

In a word, we are ready for cooperation, and in general we at the UAF believe that helping in the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers is our honorable duty!", said Vadym Kostyuchenko.

As a souvenir of the meeting, the guests received a T-shirt of Oleksandr Zinchenko, the midfielder of the Ukrainian national team and United24 ambassador, with the autographs of the players of the national team. And the military medics presented the UAF with a symbol of their center — a gnome made with the use of shell casings from combat cartridges.

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