The first league. "Prykarpattia", "Mariupol" and "Poltava" are getting closer to the "championship" group

With one round left before the end of the first stage of the first league championship, the intrigue in the fight to get to the top is gradually disappearing п'yatirok u groups "Prykarpattia", which interrupted the three-match winning streak of "Epicenter" as a guest, strengthened its chances. By the way, Ivano-Frankivsk took the lead after an own goal by the hosts' goalkeeper, Roman Zhmurka.

The Podolians were not going to lose in their native walls, they added momentum and still forced "Prykarpattia" to sign a peace agreement - 1:1. However, the Ivano-Frankivsk team went home in a good mood, because in a parallel match their competitor, "Bukovyna", lost heavily in Volochysk - 0:3. Now, in order to continue playing in the "championship" group, "Prykarpattia" football players need to draw with "Agrobusiness" in the final round.

And in group "B", "Metalurg" had to beat "townsmen" in a face-to-face match to catch up with FSK "Mariupol". However, Volodymyr Mykytin's wards did not manage to do so - a zero draw was recorded. In the last round, "Mariupol" and "Poltava" are also enough to draw in order to continue the fight for promotion in the spring.

Match results and standings of the first league

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