Selection of Euro-2024. Ukraine — Italy — 0:0 (text broadcast)

Today in Leverkusen, the Ukrainian national team will play the final match of the group round of the Euro-2024 selection against the Italian team (the match starts at 21:45 Kyiv time). We will remind you that the blue and yellow teams are in Group C together with the teams of England, Italy, North Macedonia and Malta. The two best national teams will receive direct tickets to the forum in Germany. However, there will still be a chance for Ukraine to make it to the championship through the playoffs of the League of Nations.

90+6 min. The referee's final whistle! Ukraine and Italy did not score goals in the final match of Euro-2024 qualification. Thus, it is the Italians who qualify for the European Championship, and our footballers will have to make their way to the tournament through the playoffs of the League of Nations!

90 + 3 min Mudryk's fall in the penalty area after a flank cross from Zubkov! The referee does not react to this episode!

90+1 min. Malinovsky goes on the field for the last minutes instead of Svatk in Ukraine! And in Italy, Darmian comes out instead of Politano!

90 min. 5 minutes will be compensated by the referee of the match before the regular time of the second half!

89 minutes. Ukraine's dangerous moment! Sudakov punches from 30 meters - Donnarumma takes the ball into his hands!

88 minutes. Foul in the attack in Italy by Dimarco, who pushed Zubkov in the back in a horse fight.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

86 minutes. Another substitution from Serhiy Rebrov: Sikan replaces Zinchenko on the field. 

85 minutes. Kristante elbowed Sudakov away in the fight. Our midfielder needs medical help. A break in the game.

84 minutes. Pikhalyonok gave a cunning pass to run Mudryk in the possession of the Italians, but he did it somewhat in vain.

82 minutes. The ball flies over the goal after a long shot from Politano.

81 min. Keane comes on for Chiesa in Italy.

80 minutes. Konoplia received a yellow card for a foul against Chiesa. Two substitutions in Ukraine: Stepanenko and Tsygankov leave the field, Zubkov and Pikhalyonok come on.

79 minutes. Mudryk took the free kick, and Stepanenko failed to make an emphatic header. Goal kick for Italy.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

78 minutes. Stepanenko pushed Barella in single combat in the center of the field. Penalty for Italy.

76 minutes. Chiesa beat Konoplya on the wing, sent a low pass to the center, but Svatok in the tackle did not allow Scamazza to reach the ball.

73 minutes. Sudakov wittily passed the attack to his partner with his heel, but the sphere did not reach Mudryk's feet. It also happened to George in a collision with a visavi.

71 min. Replacements in Italy. Zagniolo left the field, replaced by Cristante. Politano also appeared instead of Jorginho.

70 minutes. Tsygankov earned a corner kick for Ukraine, Dimarko knocked the ball out of bounds.

69 minutes. Tsygankov quickly lost the fight to Chiesi in the attack on the flank. Penalty for Italy.

67 minutes. The Ukrainians increased their speed and began to win more balls from the Italians, covering more prominent opponents. Due to this, the blue-yellow team look more confident in the second half than in the first.

66 minutes. Dovbyk and Tsygankov played a cool short combination near the goal of the Italians, but the ball bounced off the defender and rolled into the goalkeeper's hands!

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

65 minutes. Ukraine's dangerous moment! Mudryk does not score! A misunderstanding between the goalkeeper and the defender in the penalty area, and Mykhailo was unable to beat Donnarumma with a shot from an acute angle!

63 minutes. Mudryk literally crashed into Di Lorenzo at speed and fouled in the attack.

61 minutes. Dimarco misses a header after a cross from Chiesa. Kick from the gate for Ukraine.

59 minutes. Mudryk dragged the ball down the left flank, leaving two Italians stranded, and only an insurance from Chiesa saved the guests from trouble!

58 minutes. Chiesa moved from the wing to the center and executed a round shot to the far corner - past the goal!

57 minutes. Donnarumma takes the ball into his hands after a cross from the right wing from Tsygankov.

56 minutes. Konoplia makes a mistake with the pass, and the Italians intercept the ball again and take it under control.

54 minutes. Dovbyk found himself in an offside position when Trubin kicked the ball far into the field.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

52 minutes. The partners in the counterattack found Konoply's rush on the right flank, but Yukhym failed to execute a high-quality pass to Dovbyk in the center.

50 minutes. The Ukrainians try to play the ball through the pass, but the Italians very successfully cover the blue-yellow team. There is a little lack of dynamics in the team movement of Rebrov's wards.

48 minutes. Scamakka is offside. The attacker of the Italian national team chatted on the rebound after a corner and ended up half the body closer to our goal than the defenders.

47 minutes. Mykolenka got from Dzanyolo on the wing. The Ukrainian defender is lying on the lawn, he is in pain.

46 min. The second half begins! Italy plays the ball from the center of the field. The guests also made a substitution at halftime - Scamakka replaced Raspadori.

45 minutes. The referee did not compensate for anything until the first half. Ukraine and Italy did not score after 45 minutes of play! Break!

44 minutes. Sudakov successfully intercepted the ball in the attack, passed to the penalty area, but there neither Tsygankov nor Mudryk managed to process the sphere for a further shot.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

42 minutes. Violation of the rules in the attack from Italy. Several of the visitors' shots missed the target, after which Frattesi played his hand.

41 minutes. Chiesa on the wing did not allow himself to beat Tsygankova, the Ukrainians earn a throw-in from the sideline.

38 minutes. Sudakov quickly found his way in the attack and executed a soft cross into the penalty area, where Tsygankov lacked strength in the fight against the Italian center back.

37 minutes. 34% to 66% in favor of Italy in possession of the ball in the first half of today's game.

35 minutes. The Ukrainians eventually intercepted the ball and are trying to establish control in the center of the field.

33 minutes. The last five minutes are frankly difficult for the Ukrainians, because the Italians regularly create chances at the home team's goal.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

32 minutes. Italy's dangerous moment! Chiesa broke through on the left flank and shot into the center, and Raspadori lacked the speed to catch the pass and cross the ball into the net!

30 minutes. Dimarco was offside, who was in front of Trubin's goal and shot past the far post.

29 min. Italy's dangerous moment! Trubin saves the national team of Ukraine after a close shot from Frattesi! It was Chiesa who broke up the counterattack and took his partner to meet the goalkeeper!

28 min. Italy's dangerous moment! Di Lorenzo headed a little past the near post after a corner!

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

27 minutes. The stands frantically chant "Ukraine, Ukraine!", supporting Rebrov's team in this difficult match!

26 minutes. Svatok takes the ball out of bounds after another attempted wing pass from Dimarco.

24 minutes. A series of mutual mistakes by football players of both teams. The ball again passes to the possession of the guests.

22 minutes. Trubin takes the ball into his hands after an unsuccessful throw by Barella in the penalty area.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

21 minutes. It is interesting that Italy has an advantage in possession of the ball and the number of moments, but Ukraine has an advantage in shots on goal - 3:1.

20 minutes. Already the 5th corner is served by Italy in today's match. Ukraine has not had them in this game yet.

19 minutes. Svatok takes a corner kick after a wing cross from Dimarco.

17 minutes. No closed and tactical football in Leverkusen! Teams take turns attacking and trying to score in the match!

16 min. Italy's dangerous moment! Barella shoots from a distance, and now Trubin is in the way of the ball!

14 minutes. Ukraine's dangerous moment! Donnarumma hides in the fall and makes a save after a dangerous blow from Sudakov!

13 minutes. The Italians fight back again after Mudryk's sharp low cross from the left flank into the penalty area!

12 minutes. A good quick attack of the Ukrainian national team ended with Mudryk's cross to the far post, but Konoplia lost the second floor to his opponent.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

11 minutes. At the start of the match, the Ukrainians try to press the Italians high when they play the ball in the first third of the field. But with the transfer of the ball further, Rebrov's wards are already sitting deeper in the defense.

10 minutes. Barella threw the ball behind the defenders, but Mykolenko prevented Fratteza from reaching the area. Goal kick.

8 min. And here is the first warning in the match. Buongiorno was only able to stop Dovbyk's breakthrough attack with the help of a foul.

7 min. Italy's dangerous moment! The corner kick ended with a header from Zaniolo to Chiesa, who had a chance to open the scoring, but the ball fell off the player's foot.

6 minutes. Zabarny blocked an attempted cross from the wing by Chiesa. Corner for Italy.

5 min Dangerous moment of Ukraine! Tsygankov checked the reaction of Donnarumma with a long shot, who caught the ball in his hands.

4 minutes. The Italians tried to find Chiesa on the flank in the free zone, but the Italian winger was in an offside position.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

2 minutes. Sudakov wanted to make a split pass to attack Dovbyk, but the central defender of the Italian national team figured out this plan of the midfielder.

1 min. The match has started! Ukraine plays the ball from the center of the field.

A slight delay in the start of the match in Leverkusen. Football players are waiting for the starting whistle of the referee.

The national team of Ukraine is playing today in a yellow set of uniforms, and the Italian team is playing in white.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

The Italians greet our football players, and the captains of the teams ran up to the referee of the match, Jesus Gil Manzano from Spain.

The Italians traditionally emotionally performed their national anthem, but the Ukrainian Slaven sang the whole stadium! Today, Germany has become a real home for our football team and numerous Ukrainian fans!

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

Ukrainian and Italian football players lined up in front of the "BayArena" stands. The national anthems of both countries are playing!

The fans of the arena in Leverkusen welcome the participants of today's top confrontation! Ukrainians traditionally go to the football field wrapped in national flags!

The national teams of Ukraine and Italy have already lined up in the tunnel of "BayArena" and are preparing to go to the football field!

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

We will remind, in order to get to the final part of the 2024 European Championship, the national team of Ukraine today need defeat the Italians. Any other result will see the Blue and Yellows have to fight their way into the tournament via the Nations League play-offs.

Today, the national team of Ukraine will hold its anniversary The 10th football meeting with the Italian team, which remains an unbeaten opponent for the blue and yellow in the history of their international appearances. Perhaps this historic event will take place today?

In the starting line-up of the national team of Ukraine today, only two positions were in question - who will play in the center and who will play in defense. Serhii Rebrov made a decision in favor Alexandra Wedding and Yukhym Konoplya, who will start the game at the starting whistle in Leverkusen.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

Good day, dear fans! Today, the national team of Ukraine completes the qualifying campaign for the 2024 European Championship, hosting the Italian team in a home match!

The starting line-up of the national team of Ukraine: 12. Anatoly Trubin, 16. Vitaly Mykolenko, 13. Ilya Zabarny, 4. Oleksandr Svatok, 2. Yukhym Konoplia, 6. Taras Stepanenko (c), 17. Oleksandr Zinchenko, 7. Georgy Sudakov, 10. Mykhailo Mudryk, 15. Viktor Tsygankov, 11. Artem Dovbyk.

Substitutions: 1. Georgy Bushchan, 3. Valery Bondar, 5. Serhiy Sydorchuk, 8. Ruslan Malinovskyi, 9. Roman Yaremchuk, 14. Danylo Sikan, 18. Oleksandr Pikhalyonok, 19. Oleksandr Tymchyk, 20. Oleksandr Zubkov, 21. Vladyslav Dubinchak, 22. Mykola Matvienko, 23. Dmytro Riznyk.

Starting squad of Italy: 1. Gianluigi Donnarumma (c), 2. Giovanni Di Lorenzo, 3. Federico Dimarco, 6. Alessandro Buongiorno, 8. Jorginho, 10. Giacomo Raspadori, 14. Federico Chiesa, 15. Francesco Acherbi, 17. Davide Frattesi, 18. Nicolo Barella, 20. Nicolo Zagniolo.

Substitutions: 4. Federico Gatti, 5. Cristiano Biragi, 7. Giacomo Bonaventura, 9. Gianluca Scamakka, 11. Moise Keane, 12. Ivan Provedel, 13. Matteo Darmin, 16. Brian Cristante, 19. Matteo Politano, 21. Guglielmo Vicario, 22. Stefan El-Shaarawy, 23. Gianluca Mancini.

Application of the national team of Ukraine for the match with Italy

1. Georgy Bushchan, 2. Yukhym Konoplia, 3. Valery Bondar, 4. Oleksandr Svatok, 5. Serhiy Sydorchuk, 6. Taras Stepanenko, 7. Georgy Sudakov, 8. Ruslan Malinovskyi, 9. Roman Yaremchuk, 10. Mykhailo Mudryk, 11. Artem Dovbyk, 12. Anatoly Trubin, 13. Ilya Zabarny, 14. Danylo Sikan, 15. Viktor Tsygankov, 16. Vitaly Mykolenko, 17. Oleksandr Zinchenko, 18. Oleksandr Pikhalyonok, 19. Oleksandr Tymchyk, 20. Oleksandr Zubkov, 21. Vladyslav Dubinchak, 22. Mykola Matvienko, 23. Dmytro Riznyk.

Of those football players who are currently in the camp of the Ukrainian national team, Maksym Talovyerov, Yehor Nazarina and Oleksandr Karavaev did not make it to the application.

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