Officially. FIFA and UEFA have been informed about the start of the procedure for convening an extraordinary UAF Congress

The administration of the Ukrainian Football Association received duly executed written decisions of the governing bodies of the 32 members of the UAF with the demand to convene an extraordinary congress. The members of the UAF also proposed the agenda of the extraordinary congress.

According to the Statute of the UAF (Article 19, Clause 2), "The Executive Committee of the UAF is obliged to convene an extraordinary congress, if at least 3/4 of the total number of members of the UAF, represented by their governing bodies, have provided written decisions (minutes or extracts from them) with the specified offer. If such a demand of UAF members to convene an extraordinary congress is not fulfilled, these members have the right to convene an extraordinary congress themselves."

As you know, 40 organizations are members of UAF. Accordingly, 3/4 is 30 of them. Thus, the procedure for convening an extraordinary Congress of the UAF has officially begun. The Ukrainian Football Association has already informed FIFA and UEFA about this.

According to the UAF Statute (Article 19, Clause 4), "an extraordinary congress must be held no later than 60 days from the date of receipt by the UAF administration of properly prepared proposals."

Members of the UAF, who submitted to the administration of the Ukrainian Football Association duly executed written decisions of their governing bodies regarding the convening of the extraordinary Congress of the UAF: 

Kyiv Union of Football Associations

Kirovohrad Regional Football Association

Volyn Regional Football Association

Zaporizhzhya Regional Football Association

Association of football of Dnipropetrovsk region

Sumy Regional Football Association

Cherkasy Regional Football Association

Ternopil Regional Football Association

Khmelnytskyi Regional Football Association

Kharkiv Regional Football Association

Donetsk Regional Football Association

Luhansk Regional Football Association

Football Association of Crimea and Sevastopol

Lviv Regional Football Association

Association of football of Mykolaiv region

Chernihiv Regional Football Association

Zhytomyr Regional Football Association

Odesa Regional Football Association

OPFCU Premier League

Professional Football League of Ukraine

All-Ukrainian Children's and Youth Football League of Ukraine

the Association of amateur football of Ukraine reports.

the Futsal Association of Ukraine

Ukrainian Football Association of People with Disabilities

Ukrainian Electronic Football Association

Ukrainian Football Association of Students

All-Ukrainian Sports Association of Football Veterans of Ukraine

All-Ukrainian Association of Football Coaches

Association of fans of Ukraine

Beach Soccer Association of Ukraine

the Ukrainian Association of Women's Football reports.

Association of Sports Journalists of Ukraine

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