Officially. The Executive Committee must approve the date and agenda of the Extraordinary XXVI Congress of the UAF

On Monday, November 27, the meeting of the UAF Executive Committee began, which, among other things, must approve the date, time and place of the extraordinary XXVI Congress of the UAF and the agenda of the congress, which was proposed by the members of the Ukrainian Football Association.

On the basis of appeals of 32 members of the UAF and in accordance with the charter, the administration of the Ukrainian Football Association proposed to the members of the executive committee to hold an extraordinary Congress of the UAF on January 25, 2024 in the House of Football (Kyiv) with the following agenda:

1. On the election of the working bodies of the UAF Extraordinary XXVI Congress.

2. On the recognition that the regular reporting and election of the UAF XXV Congress has not taken place.

3. On the election of the UAF president.

4. On approval of the quantitative composition of the members of the UAF Executive Committee, UAF first vice-presidents, UAF vice-presidents.

5. On the election of the UAF first vice-presidents.

6. On the election of the UAF vice-presidents.

7. On the election of the UAF Executive Committee members.

8. On the election of the UAF Auditing Body.

9. On granting powers for state registration of changes to the information about the UAF in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs, and Public Organizations.

10. On the election of UAF football justice enforcement bodies.

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