Euro 2024 qualifying play-offs: the time of the match between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ukraine has been determined

The national team of Ukraine, which finished in its selection group C of Euro-2024 in third place and, unfortunately, could not make it to the final tournament directly, has the opportunity to get a ticket through the playoffs of the League of Nations.

For results of the draw the play-offs of the League of Nations/Euro 2024 selection, the blue-yellows will go on Route B, where they will meet the team of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the semi-finals away from home on March 21. The game starts at 21:45 Kyiv time. The venue of the match will be known later.

In case of success in this confrontation, the national team of Ukraine will fight for a ticket to Euro-26 against the winner of the Israel-Iceland duel in the final on March 2024. The start of this match is also at 21:45 Kyiv time.

Nations League Play-offs/Euro 2024 Qualifiers

Path A



Poland — Estonia

Wales - Finland



Wales/Finland — Poland/Estonia

Way B.



Israel - Iceland

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Ukraine



Bosnia and Herzegovina/Ukraine — Israel/Iceland

Way C



Georgia — Luxembourg

Greece — Kazakhstan



Georgia/Luxembourg — Greece/Kazakhstan

As of now, 21 participants of the final stage are known. Pot 1: Germany (host), Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium, England, basket 2: Hungary, Turkey, Romania, Denmark, Albania, Austria, basket 3: Netherlands, Scotland, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, basket 4: Italy, Serbia, Switzerland. 

Three more national teams (will get to basket 4) will be determined in the spring, after face-to-face matches involving the winners of the League of Nations groups. The playoffs will be held in three branches, Leagues A, B and C, according to a one-match cup system, taking into account the rating of the participants according to the scheme 1-4 and 2-3 (in the semi-finals, the hosts will be the first and second seeds).

If the winner of the LN group has already made it to Euro 2024 through qualification for that tournament, their place in the play-offs will be taken by the next highest ranked team in that division. If there are fewer than four teams left who can play in the play-offs, the license is awarded by the league below, taking into account the overall ranking in the Nations League (priority is given to the best team in League D). Thus, each of the three play-offs will have its own winner, who will become a participant in Euro-2024. 

The formation of the groups of the final Euro tournament will take place on December 2 (19:00), and the championship itself will last from June 14 to July 14, 2024.

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