Serhiy Sapronov: "The minimum task is to finish third"

The draw for the second round of the Euro 2024 (WU-17) selection took place, as a result of which the blue-yellow team got into group A5, where they will play against Spain, the Netherlands and Turkey.

The head coach of the girls' national team of Ukraine, Serhiy Sapronov, in a comment to the official website of the UAF, told what his wards are counting on in this tournament:

— According to preliminary information, the mini-tournament in our group will be hosted by the Netherlands in mid-March next year. In my opinion, housewives and Spaniards will be the favorites. The other two national teams, Ukraine and Turkey, are competing for the third place, which will allow them to stay in League A.

— Have you started collecting information about rivals?

— There should be no problems with this. The same Turkmen will certainly take part in control matches in February.

— And when will your wards get together?

— It is difficult to say, most likely we will limit ourselves to a three-day meeting in the Netherlands in March, right before the start of the second round of selection.

— What positions in the girls' national team still cause concern?

— We managed to save the backbone of the national team, which is 12-13 football players, the rest will be selected. Every position needs reinforcement.

- Are you counting on legionnaires?

— Yes, Alessia Osypchuk from the Italian "Atalanta" and Anastasia Myhal from the Hungarian DVTK are in leading roles in the team. Recently, I was advised to pay attention to our young compatriot, who is performing in Finland. Next week we will start collecting information about her.

Euro-2024 (WU-17). Selection. Second round

League A

Group A1: France, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia.

Group A2: Finland, Portugal, Iceland, Kosovo.

Group A3: Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Croatia.

Group A4: Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Wales.

Group A5: Spain, Netherlands, Ukraine, Turkey.

Group A6: England, Italy, Greece, Serbia.

Group A7: Poland, Denmark, Scotland, North Macedonia.

League B.

Group B1: Belarus, Montenegro, Lithuania, Andorra.

Group B2: Bulgaria, Slovenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan.

Group B3: Romania, Faroe Islands, Latvia, Georgia.

Group B4: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Armenia, Kazakhstan.

Group B5: Northern Ireland, Malta, Luxembourg.

Group B6: Ireland, Israel, Albania.

In the second round of qualification, the seven national teams that will make up Sweden's company in the final stage of the European Championship among girls under 17 years of age will be determined, as well as the teams that will move from one league to another. 

In League A, 28 teams will play in seven groups, including seven national teams that were promoted from League B following the results of the first round. The seven A-League group winners in the second round (and the best second-place finisher if Sweden finish first in the group) will qualify for the final stage, which will be played between 5 and 18 May 2024. The fourth-placed teams in the groups will start the 2024/2025 season in League B.

The 22 teams in League B, including those relegated after the autumn stage from League A, in six groups (four with four participants, two with three) will fight for tickets to League A in the first round of the next draw.

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