Inclusive football came to Ternopil region

In Zbarazh, in the Ternopil Region, on the basis of the Zbarazh Lyceum, the second cycle of the project of the Ukrainian Football Association "Inclusive Football Sections" was completed (coach Ruslan Yushchyshyn, coordinator of the Ternopil Region Football Association Vasyl Zatorskyi).

"The classes contribute to the strengthening of children's health, foster a love for sports. Both boys and girls discover leadership qualities, cohesion and mutual respect in training. They have learned to support each other, and this significantly improves their psycho-emotional state. The classes gave them confidence in their abilities and faith in themselves. I want to thank the organizers for such invaluable experience and new knowledge, as well as for the equipment that helped to implement interesting educational ideas," said Ruslan Yushchyshyn. 

Photo of UAF press service

With this project, within the framework of the UEFA Mass Football Charter, the Ukrainian Football Association aims to:

— to improve the psycho-emotional and physical condition of children through their involvement in physical activities and socialization;

— to change the attitude of Ukrainian society towards people with disabilities;

— provide access to inclusive sports activities;

— to reveal children's potential;

— to unite children and adults, regardless of the peculiarities of physical and mental development.

Inclusive football sections, to which children with special educational needs love to enroll, are opening in 21 communities in Ukraine. Thanks to the UAF, the sections are equipped with football uniforms for children, balls and the necessary sports equipment.

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