Inclusive football sections continue in Busk, Lviv region

In Busk, Lviv Oblast, on the basis of the Inclusive Resource Center and the Buska DYSSh, the project of the Ukrainian Football Association and the Lviv Football Association "Inclusive Football Sections" has been successfully implemented for over a year.

40 children are engaged in two sections. Among them there are both boys and girls. Coaches Ivan Tomkiv and Oksana Shishka, who have previously undergone special training at the UAF, work with them.

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"Before that, the children of the Inclusive Resource Center were not very interested in sports. But our coaches and volunteers managed to get them interested in football and help them believe in themselves. They fell in love with football and, one might say, now lead an active lifestyle: they take lessons in open football inclusive events, attend classes in sections and look forward to the next training sessions," says Ivan Tomkiv.

"Inclusive football sections, to which children with special educational needs love to enroll, will continue in Busk in the future. After all, it is important for us to see certain successes and progress of our children, to rejoice together at their new achievements, share happiness and help in difficult moments. In addition, the implementation of this project is an important social component of the activity of the Lviv Football Association, because children with special educational needs are involved in sports, and experienced coaches create comfortable conditions for them in which they can express themselves fully and freely. Also, thanks to the Ukrainian Football Association, the sections are provided with football uniforms for children, balls and other necessary sports equipment," says Stepan Ponaida, the project coordinator from LAF.

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Stefan S. did not miss a single lesson of the inclusive football section. "He really liked playing with a soccer ball, but we couldn't send him to a regular secondary school," says Stefan's father. - Therefore, we as a family were very happy that we could attend such "simplified" training sessions. After a year of classes, Stefan began to pay a lot of attention to information and interesting news about football, to follow football matches, he had favorite teams."

"What I like most in the classes is to go around the cones and score the ball into the goal like Ronaldo," Stefan says. After training, he spends time with another member of the section, Matvii K. According to tradition, over tea, they share emotions from football, ask each other how things are. It did not happen immediately. The time they spent in class during the year showed them that they could become friends with trust and kindness. Now they are always on the same team if there is a match in class.

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"Stefan is not easily given the elements of different movements or actions with the ball, but for such a long time he understood that you need to be patient, and after many repetitions the goal was achieved," says the student's coach. "After the New Year, I promised him trial lessons in the regular football group of the State University of Youth and Sports to motivate him even more."

Vasylyna S. has become braver and more open in her emotions in the last six months. At first, Vasylinka often turned to her mother in class, who was nearby and watched, and she was persuaded to join in the exercises or games. Now she herself boldly suggests how to act, or takes the initiative, runs the ball around the players on the field and hits the goal.

"You can tell a lot of such small stories," concludes Ivan Tomkiv, "how children, through games and various exercises, forget about their "I can't" and do not pay attention to the fact that someone is silent, someone walks or runs slowly, and someone stutters and does not can repeat All of them instinctively want to be happy and spend their time cheerfully and actively, as much as possible. And for that they have us!"

Photo by LAF

With this project, within the framework of the UEFA Mass Football Charter, the Ukrainian Football Association aims to:

— to improve the psycho-emotional and physical condition of children through their involvement in physical activities and socialization;

— to change the attitude of Ukrainian society towards people with disabilities;

— provide access to inclusive sports activities;

— to reveal children's potential;

— to unite children and adults, regardless of the peculiarities of physical and mental development.

Inclusive football sections, to which children with special educational needs love to enroll, are opening in the 21st community in Ukraine. Thanks to the UAF, the sections are equipped with children's football uniforms, balls and the necessary sports equipment.

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