The UEFA Playmakers-2024 program started in Ukraine with the training of coaches

The UEFA Playmakers program, implemented by the Ukrainian Football Association together with regional associations, started in 2024 with the training of coaches.

Project coordinators Yevhenii Stolitenko and Oleksandra Vladimirova held a kick-off meeting with representatives of regional football associations and coaches who have already participated in the project, and updated all the organizational conditions for participation, as well as presented a new section of the program called "Encanto".

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After that, an educational webinar was held with new trainers of the project, where the program in Ukraine was presented and three main thematic blocks were considered: "Who do we train?", "Why do we train?" and "How do we teach?".

The participants got acquainted with the structure and lesson plans, resources and learning environment of UEFA Playmakers, considered the methodology of teaching basic movement skills, life skills and values, the basics of football for younger girls. The teachers talked about the method of the game and storytelling, the safety of girls in football, the role of the coach.

The next step will be the transfer of equipment for the launch of 30 UEFA Playmakers centers in 16 regions of Ukraine — that is, 60 sections of football for 900 of the youngest girls.

Photo of UAF press service

We would like to remind you that the UEFA Playmakers program in Ukraine has the following goals:

— introducing girls to football and creating an environment for them that focuses on entertainment, friends and football;

— introduction of a new individual coaching approach that uses imagination (inspired by Disney stories and characters) as a tool for training and acquiring football skills;

— improving girls' physical literacy and encouraging lifelong commitment to football;

— psychosocial support of young girls in war conditions.

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