Women's League of Nations-2023/2024. The national team of Ukraine defeated Bulgaria for the second time and kept its registration in League B

Today, the women's national team of Ukraine held a return match against the Bulgarian team in the playoffs for the right to play in the B division of the League of Nations.

After a crushing victory in the first match, on the road, with a score of 4:0, Volodymyr Pyatenko's wards actually fulfilled the main task — they ensured the preservation of registration in League B. However, they were not going to relax in the second, nominally home meeting at the Mardan Stadium in Antalya. 

Photo by Oksana Vasilyeva

Moreover, the Ukrainian women proved it at the very beginning of the match. In the 15th minute, Kravchuk hit the far post from the corner of the penalty area, and Ovdiychuk opened the score with a ricochet on the finish. 

Photo by Oksana Vasilyeva

And already in three minutes, Pantsulaya made a pass to the free kick to Khimich, who made a cross, and Glushchenko handled the situation better than anyone else.

Photo by Oksana Vasilyeva

The Ukrainians put an end to the match at the 81st minute. Petryk delivered a free kick from the left flank to the near corner of the goalkeeper, and Shmatko headed it into the near corner of the goal — 3:0.

Photo by Oksana Vasilyeva

Women's League of Nations-2023/2024. Play-off for a place in League B. Return match

Ukraine - Bulgaria - 3: 0 (2: 0)

Goals: Ovdiychuk (15), Hlushchenko (18), Shmatko (81).

Ukraine: Samson (Boklach, 84), Basanska, Shmatko, Korsun, Petryk, Ovdiychuk (Malahova, 84), Apanashchenko (k) (Semkiv, 72), Khimich, Pantsulaya, Glushchenko (Molodyuk, 84), Kravchuk (Mayborodina, 72).

Trainer: Volodymyr Pyatenko.

Bulgaria: Shahanska, Karaivanova, Dimitrova (k), Ya. Ivanova, Kefalova (Dineva, 82), Naydenova, Petrova, Stankova (Parapunova, 72), D. Ivanova (Sergeeva, 74), Adrianova (Rasina, 46), Popadiynova (N Ivanova, 74).

Trainer: Sylvia Radoyska.

Referee: Zuzana Valentova (Slovakia).

Booked: Popadiynova (36), Dimitrova (57), Ya. Ivanova (73), Dineva (87).

February 27. Antalya. Stadium "Mardan".

Debut - 4: 0.

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