Euro-2025 among women's teams. The players of the Ukrainian national team talked about the preparation for the matches against Kosovo and Croatia

The women's national team of Ukraine has started preparations for the two starters of the Euro-2025 qualifying matches with the teams of Kosovo and Croatia.

At the end of March, our team started a training camp in Antalya, Turkey. The players of the national team of Ukraine shared their emotions after the start of work - defender Lyubov Shmatko and midfielder Veronika Andruhiv.

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"Preparations are going well, they have gathered, but not everyone has arrived yet. The main group is training, we have recovered a little. Now all national teams are preparing well, so to speak, have grown up. I think the match against Kosovo will be difficult, but we have to come out and show our best game," Lyubov Shmatko said.

"I think that our team is now in a good, positive state. The championship has already started, everyone is in good shape. It was a difficult flight, but we have already recovered. It was a light stretching training, in the future we will work at full strength. I think we will approach the first match in good condition.

We are preparing for all opponents very seriously, there is no underestimation. In my opinion, the Kosovo national team is slightly behind Croatia in technique, but they are a fighting team that will fight to the end on every patch of the field. Therefore, we need to adjust psychologically, and physically, I think we are already ready. You need to listen to the coach, complete all the settings. I think everything will work out for us," says Veronika Andruhiv.

According to the results of the draw for the qualification of the 2025 European Championship among women, the national team of Ukraine will act in group B4, where her opponents will be players from Wales, Croatia and Kosovo.

On April 5, the blue-yellow team will start the qualifiers with a nominally home match against Kosovo. Game will kick-off at the "Mardan" stadium in the Turkish city of Antalya. The meeting starts at 18:00 Kyiv time.

Duel Croatia - Ukraine will be held on April 9 in Zapreshichy at Stadion Ivan Laljak-Ivic and will start at 17:00 Kyiv time.

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The squad of the national women's team of Ukraine

Goalkeepers: Kateryna Samson ("Vorskla" Poltava), Daria Kelyushik ("Kryvbas" Kryvyi Rih), Kateryna Boklach ("Marseille", France).

Defenders: Kateryna Korsun, Yana Kotyk, Iryna Podolska (all "Vorskla" Poltava), Olga Basanska ("Metalist 1925" Kharkiv), Lyubov Shmatko ("Galatasaray", Turkey), Yana Derkach ("Fomget", Turkey).

Midfielders: Iryna Maiborodina, Nadia Kunina (both from Kolos Kovalivka), Anna Petryk, Nikol Kozlova, Veronika Andruhiv, Yana Kalinina (all from Vorskla Poltava), Elizaveta Molodiuk (Shakhtar Donetsk), Dayana Semkiv (Kryvbas Kryvyi Horn), Tamila Khimich, Natia Pantsulaya, Daria Apanashchenko (all — "Metalist 1925" Kharkiv)

Forwards: Olga Ovdiychuk ("Fomget", Turkey), Inna Hlushchenko ("Nice", France), Roksolana Kravchuk ("Vorskla" Poltava).

Qualification of Euro-2025 among women's teams

Group B4

1 round


Ukraine - Kosovo

Wales - Croatia

2 round


Croatia - Ukraine

Kosovo - Wales

3 round


Wales - Ukraine

Kosovo — Croatia

4 round


Ukraine — Wales

Croatia - Kosovo

5 round


Kosovo - Ukraine

Croatia - Wales

6 round


Ukraine - Croatia

Wales - Kosovo

The results of the Women's Euro 2025 qualifying draw

League A

Group A1: Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Finland.

Group A2: Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Czechia.

Group A3: France, England, Sweden, Ireland.

Group A4: Germany, Austria, Iceland, Poland.

League B.

Group B1: Switzerland, Hungary, Turkey, Azerbaijan.

Group B2: Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Israel.

Group B3: Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Ireland, Malta.

Group B4: Wales, Croatia, Ukraine, Kosovo.

League C.

Group C1: Belarus, Lithuania, Cyprus, Georgia.

Group C2: Slovenia, Latvia, North Macedonia, Moldova.

Group C3: Greece, Montenegro, Andorra, Faroe Islands.

Group C4: Romania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Armenia.

Group C5: Albania, Estonia, Luxembourg.

The distribution of tickets for Euro-2025 takes place based on the results of the next league cycle. The teams compete in groups of four or three teams (League C). The eight best teams in League A (first and second places) immediately go to the final tournament. There they join the host country, Switzerland.

The remaining seven passes are to played in two rounds of playoffs. In the one-way first round, the third- and fourth-placed teams in League A play the group winners and the top three second-placed teams in League C. The eight winners advance to the second round.

Elsewhere, the four group winners and the top two runners-up in League B play the remaining two runners-up and the four third-placed teams in League B. The six winners advance to the second round.

In the second round of the playoffs, 14 national teams directly play for seven tickets to the final tournament of Euro-2025, where a total of 16 participants play.

The paths of the teams in the play-off matches are to be adjusted, if necessary, taking into account the performances of Switzerland, which plays in League B, but will be represented at the Euro as the host country.

If Switzerland finishes first, second or third in their B League group, the fourth best team from that division will enter the playoffs.

Promotion and relegation

In parallel, teams will also compete for positions in the next Nations League, which begins the 2025-2027 cycle:

— winners, holders of second and third places in League A groups will remain in League A;

— the second-place winners and the three best third-place winners in League B groups will remain in League B;

— the winners of the second, third and fourth places in the groups of League C will remain in League C;

— the winners of the groups in the B and C leagues will move to the higher division;

— the fourth-place finishers in League A and B groups, as well as the worst third-place finisher in League B, will be relegated.

Euro-2025 among women's teams. Calendar

Matches 1—2 rounds: April 3-9, 2024.

Matches 3—4 rounds: May 29 - June 4, 2024.

Matches 5—6 rounds: July 10-16, 2024.

Playoff draw: July 19, 2024

1st round of playoffs (2 matches): October 23-29, 2024.

2st round of playoffs (2 matches): November 27 - December 3, 2024.

Final tournament draw: December 16, 2024.

Final tournament: July 2-27, 2025 (Switzerland).

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