27.01.2022 11:05

U-18: the youth national team of Ukraine will take part in the traditional Stevan Vilotych Tournament

At the end of this year, Serhiy Nagornyak's wards will take part in the Euro 2023 (U-19) qualifying round. The qualifying round of Euro-2023 (U-19) will take place in November, in ...

06.01.2022 12:07

2022: what events await Ukrainian football in the new year

In 2021, the national team of Ukraine reached the quarterfinals of Euro 2020, and the men's and women's futsal teams made their way to the 2022 European Championships. In the new year, 2022, our teams are waiting ...

23.12.2021 14:03

2021: results of the year for U-18 youth team of Ukraine

Serhiy Nagornyak's U-18 team (players born in 2004) was able to meet only once this year due to quarantine restrictions - in October 2021. But because of the object ...

13.12.2021 16:20

The UAF Executive Committee has extended contracts with coaches of U-XNUMX and youth national teams of Ukraine

The UAF National Teams Committee has submitted relevant proposals to the Executive Committee regarding the extension of contracts with the current head coaches of the youth and youth national teams ...

09.12.2021 12:01

Serhiy Nagornyak: "On paper, Ukraine and Sweden are the quartet's favorites"

The head coach of the youth national team of Ukraine U-18 (football players not older than 2004) Serhiy Nagornyak commented on the results of the draw of the qualifying round of Euro-2023 (U-19) ....

08.12.2021 11:25

Euro-2023 (U-19): Ukraine's youth team recognizes rivals in qualifying round

The youth national team of Ukraine U-19 (current U-18, players born in 2004) won rivals in the qualifying round of the European Championship 2023 during the draw, which took place in New ...

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