Futsal National Team
18.02.2024 11:02

All participants of the final tournament of the World Cup-2024 in futsal, where the national team of Ukraine will perform, will be decided by April 24

The other day, four more participants of the final tournament of the 2024 World Futsal Championship, which will be held in Uzbekistan from September 14 to October 6, became known. This is Brazil, Argentina...

12.01.2024 14:00

2024: what events await Ukrainian football in the new year

In the new year, 2024, new important events await our teams. We bring to your attention the preliminary calendar of official competitions with the participation of Ukrainian clubs and national teams. On February 8, the...

25.12.2023 16:00

2023: the results of the year for the national football team of Ukraine

In 2023, the Ukrainian national futsal team won a ticket to the 2024 World Cup, overcoming the main and elite rounds of selection. On March 3, the blue-yellows guaranteed themselves the first place in the group of the main round...

23.12.2023 14:01

The Ukrainian national futsal team ranks fifth in the UEFA rating

In the December ranking of national teams, updated by UEFA, the Ukrainian national futsal team is on the fifth place. According to the UEFA rating, the blue-yellow team is among the top ten...

21.12.2023 14:00

Oleksandr Kosenko: "I thank the boys, they really deserved to go to the World Championship"

Oleksandr Kosenko, head coach of the Ukrainian national futsal team, commented on the victory over Poland (5:3) in the elite round of World Cup 2024 qualification, which allowed our team to make it to the finals...

20.12.2023 21:29

Futsal World Cup 2024. The national team of Ukraine, having defeated Poland, made its way to the final tournament

Oleksandr Kosenko's wards completed their performance in Group B of the elite round of the 2024 World Futsal Championship with a match against the Polish team. Five days ago, blue-yellow...

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