Futsal National Team
03.09.2020 10:38

Oleksandr Kosenko: "It will not be easy in the Euro 2022 away qualifiers"

The head coach of the Ukrainian national futsal team Oleksandr Kosenko commented on the results of the Euro 2022 qualification draw.

02.09.2020 15:00

The national futsal team of Ukraine learned the names of rivals in the Euro-2022 qualifiers

The draw for the group qualification round of the European Futsal Championship 2022 took place in Nyon, Switzerland.

01.09.2020 10:03

The Euro 2 futsal qualifiers draw to take place on September 2022

Tomorrow, September 2, in Nyon, Switzerland, the rivals of the Ukrainian national futsal team in the selection of the European Championship will be determined (the procedure will start at 1 ...

22.07.2020 11:03

FIFA has updated the calendar of international futsal matches for 2020-2024

FIFA has published on its official website an updated calendar of futsal matches (dates for windows) for the next four years. Changes related to the transfer ...

07.07.2020 15:03

The national futsal team of Ukraine will learn the names of rivals in the Euro qualifiers on September 2

According to the official UEFA website, the draw for the group stage of the championship selection ...

21.06.2020 15:38

Officially. Updated calendar of all UEFA tournaments with national teams and clubs

The COVID-19 pandemic previously forced the Union of European Football Associations to postpone most matches. June 17-18 ...

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