First League
25.11.2023 14:40

The first league. "Ingulets" unexpectedly let "Karpaty" into the gap

In the final round of the first stage of the championship of the first league, matches with the participation of teams that have not yet guaranteed themselves a place in the "championship" group aroused interest. Got around...

19.11.2023 15:11

The first league. "Prykarpattia", "Mariupol" and "Poltava" are getting closer to the "championship" group

For the round before the end of the first stage of the championship of the first league, the intrigue gradually disappears in the fight to get to the top five in the groups. "Prykarpattia&r" strengthened its chances...

12.11.2023 17:10

The first league. "Karpaty" and "Ingulets" won, but the pursuers are not far behind

Two rounds before the end of the first stage of the competition in the first league, almost all participants of the "championship" group, who will lead the fight for promotion in the spring, have been determined. Although Mr...

05.11.2023 16:30

The first league. "Karpaty" lost for the first time, and "Prykarpattia" won the third title in a row

The central matches of the 15th round in the first league were supposed to take place yesterday, but due to the air alarm, they were postponed until today. And in Kamianets-Podilskyi, quite a few...

29.10.2023 17:12

The first league. "Ingulets" slowed down, which "Mariupol" took advantage of

At the finish line of the first stage, intrigue appeared again in the fight to get into the top ten. In group "A" based on the results of the 14th round, Agrobusiness&raq...

22.10.2023 17:05

The first league. The fight for the third and fourth places, which give the right to transitional matches with UPL outsiders, is expected to be fierce

In the current championship, in the second stage, all scored points will be counted, and not the so-called "gold", as was the case last season. That is why the Lviv "Karpaty" and p...

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