Championship of Rivne region
03.05.2022 09:14

Charitable tournaments "Cup of the Armed Forces of Ukraine" took place in Rivne region

As part of the UAF Coordination Headquarters, tournaments called the Armed Forces Cup took place in Zdolbuniv and Rivne. Money collected during the first and second Cup of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in futsal ...

23.10.2021 18:18

Olympus Academy team wins 9-year-olds in Rivne Region Championship

The draw of the Rivne region championship among U-9 teams is over. In the final match, two teams from the regional center met. "Olympus" with a score of 1: 0 defeated CYSS & la ...

20.07.2021 15:40

Oleksiy Khakhlyov: "Opening of the stadium in Rivne will be a real holiday and a victory of common sense over all bureaucratic obstacles"

We bring to your attention an interview of the chairman of the Rivne regional football association, a member of the Executive Committee of the UAF Oleksiy Khakhlov, which concerned topical issues of football life in the region ....

06.12.2019 11:03

ROAF is the first in Ukraine to organize training of trainers under the UAF D-diploma program

The three-day training session for trainees of UAF D-diploma courses has ended. The organization of training is carried out by the scientific and methodical committee of the Rivne regional football association ...

20.11.2019 11:30

ROFF renamed Rivne Regional Football Association

Rivne Regional Football Federation has recently received a new name - Public Union "Rivne Regional Football Association" (ROAF). This decision was made by the delegate ...

16.05.2019 15:15

Development of football infrastructure in Ukraine: 544 objects per year!

In preparation for the XXII FFU Congress, which will be held on May 17 in Zaporozhye, the federation summed up the work on the development of football infrastructure in various re ...

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