WU-19 team
22.08.2020 13:01

Valery Palamarchuk: "According to the rating, the youth women's national team of Ukraine will play in League B"

For almost a year, due to the difficult epidemiological situation, the youth women's national football team of Ukraine (WU-19) did not hold an office ...

20.08.2020 12:01

WU-19: Ukraine will compete in the Euro 2021 qualifiers on February XNUMX

UEFA has changed the terms and format of the qualifying round of the European Championship 2021 among women's youth teams, where Ukraine WU-XNUMX will also play.

13.08.2020 17:29

Officially. UEFA has decided to postpone youth and women's national teams tournaments

The UEFA Executive Committee, of which UAF President Andriy Pavelko is a member, has decided to postpone a number of Euro tournaments with the participation of youth and girls' national teams from ...

29.07.2020 14:01

WU-19: Ukraine's youth women's national team will play in the Euro-2021 qualifiers in new terms

The youth women's national team of Ukraine WU-19 will play in the qualifying round of the European Championship-2021 in the new terms set by UEFA.

18.07.2020 15:30

Updated UEFA calendar for women's and girls' tournaments in 2020-2021

UEFA has published on its official website an updated calendar for tournaments with women's participation ...

19.06.2020 10:03

WU-17 / WU-19: new format of European Championships for girls U-17 and U-19

The UEFA Executive Committee, which was attended by the UAF President, a member of the UEFA Executive Committee Andrii Pavelko, approved a new format of the Euro. 

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