CE-2023 (WO)

CE-2023 (WO)
20.03.2023 13:05

The silver medalist of the European Futsal Championship, Vera Dyatel, set a unique achievement

Ukrainian Vira Dyatel became the first to play in the final tournaments of the European football and futsal championships, according to...

20.03.2023 12:26

Yulia Forsyuk: "We rewrote the history of women's futsal in Ukraine"

The captain of the women's futsal team of Ukraine Yulia Forsyuk commented on the final match of Euro-2023 against Spain. In the final of Ev...

19.03.2023 23:55

Oleg Shaitanov: "Taking second place is a small victory for us. We are delighted with a job well done and I would like to thank my team"

The head coaches of the women's futsal teams of Ukraine and Spain commented on the final match of Euro-2023. In the final of Euro-2023...

19.03.2023 22:44

Euro-2023 in women's futsal. The national team of Ukraine became the silver medalist of the tournament

In the Euro-2023 women's futsal final, Oleh Shaitanov's wards lost to the reigning champion — the Spanish team. In p...

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